Shared Office Space And The Changing Work Climate


The climate of the workforce is changing. One of the reasons was that the economy has taken a nose dive back in 2008. As a result of not being able to find work, some people have found alternative means of living. As a result, there are different types of work environments that are emerging. They are much different from the typical office of a 9-5 company. These are called co-working spaces. However, there is something new coming along with co-working spaces. These are co-living spaces. This is going to provide people with an alternative to living and working conditions.

One thing that makes these spaces such a preferred alternative to traditional living and working spaces is that they are more oriented towards community. This is one of the huge draws of co-spaces because people have been developing a desire for more community. People have been so disconnected from each other for so long that there is a desire to reconnect. Social media is definitely not a good substitute for actual face to face contact. Millennials are especially excited about this new type of working and living space because of the desire for something newer, and more positive.

One example of shared office space is WorkVille NYC. They provide a more relaxed environment for workers. There are plenty of options for the type of work environment that people could choose. This allows people to have their unique individuality shine through their environment. To make it better, they are still structured. People believe in the power of structure and organization when it comes to the success of the individual as well as the company.

More and more people are getting to experience the advantage of co-spaces. This is a hopeful development as people are learning to reconnect with each other. People are starting to pay more attention to each other with the developments of new innovations in society. Millennials get to experience structure that they desire. This helps bring forth a more creative and purposeful environment. This helps with the many that are left with having to put off marriage which is what traditionally fulfilled the needs for relationships.