Every Company needs Online Reputation Management

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Negative publicity and information is detrimental to a business. Especially in the age of the internet. People can search online to find all sorts of negative news about an organization or an individual. Once they find out something bad about a business, this information can stop them from purchasing products or services from a particular organization. Every company needs online reputation management services to keep bad reviews and comments from ruining a business.

It is a known fact that a good restaurant review can help a dining establishment to increase its revenue by at least 5%. This is one reason why many restaurants focus on good customer service, cleanliness and serving appetizing food. A bad review can have the opposite effect. According to a research conducted by Harvard University, a restaurant can lose as much as 18% in revenue due to a bad rating critics.

Here is something else that a business should consider. Famous musician Dave Carrol made a song called “United Breaks Guitars”. He did this after he witnessed his luggage handlers throwing his money making guitar around at a loading terminal. He tried for many days to receive compensation but he failed at this task. Eventually, Carrol became fed up and made the song. The song ended up doing a lot of damage to the reputation of United Airlines.

The company ended up losing 10% of their stock after the song was released and over 15 million people watched and listened to the video. The fact is that United Airlines probably should have took Carrol’s request serious. Even though they paid the consequences for their action; they still could have profited from the use of an online reputation management firm.

The Search Fixers is a reputation management service that can help organizations to keep their online reputations in good standing. This company specializes in helping companies with finding practical solutions that will help to improve their standing within the public and on the internet. The Search Fixers uses the latest techniques to fix bad search results and to ensure that they continue on a positive path. Online reputation management services by Search Fixers will help to improve a company’s public persona and their bottom line.
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