Read on How Talk Fusion Scoops Product of the Year Award


It is undeniable that Talk Fusion has grown into a media giant. The year 2016 confirmed to be one of their best, particularly in performance. There was no better way to applaud the platform for their outstanding achievement than to honor them with two awards within the same year. Talk Fusion developed a Video Chat, which drew Technology Marketing Corporation into acknowledging them with the 2016 Communications Solutions Products Annual Award. That is an award always reserved for excellent products facilitating voice, data, and video communications, or registering greatest improvement within the last one year. The TMC CEO, Rich Tehrani, confirmed that Talk Fusion presented the smartest products in 2016.



Details Concerning Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Product


Talk Fusion used the WebRTC technology to develop the program. That video chat allows users to communicate face-to-face with each other regardless of the distance. Most fascinatingly is that it applies to devices such as Smartphone, tablets or even PCs. To allow easy access to the app, they have it on iTunes and Google Play. It is only in March that the full version of this product went viral. The continued thrust behind this product is the reason Talk Fusion celebrates their second accolade. An excited Bob Reina who serves as the CEO appreciates their IT crew. He goes on to remark that they are yet to show the world what Talk Fusion is all about.



Background Information About Talk Fusion



At the mention of Talk Fusion, your mind should ring the mother of the world’s video market solutions. Business owners recognize them for their aggressiveness in fostering unrivaled growth in businesses. Being experts, they understand that marketing should be attractive and convincing. For that reason, there would never be a better way to make it engaging than to use their video marketing strategy. If you wish to try out their product before purchasing, there is a 30-day free trial allowed to any potential client. Since its inception in 2007, the organization has exhibited an intense devotion to giving back to their community. Their record of charitable endeavors is as impressive.