Tony Petrello: Successful Businessman And Philanthropist

Anyone in the industry knows about Anthony Petrello. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, which was founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy. Anthony Petrello was hired in the year of 1991 to become Deputy Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer at Nabors.

He had previously worked at New York Office of the law firm Baker & McKenzie. He was there from 1986 until 1991, when he went over to Nabors.

After Anthony Petrello came into the scene, the company started doing better than it ever did before. In the year 1992, just a year after he came, Nabors earned forty four million dollars. A few years later, Nabors got moved to S&P 500 Index of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States. This was all after Anthony Petrello put his skills to work. There was an entire article in The Daily Beast written by a former roommate of Anthony. He said he was jealous that his former roommate become so successful.

He made it to the top paid bosses list of Forbes. In 1997, Anthony and his wife Cynthia Petrello has a baby girl at the Houston Women’s Hospital. The baby had VL (periventricular leukomalacia). It is a condition that is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. She developed cerebral palsy. This lead to Anthony starting to look at areas of his life. He decided to start donating to charity to help children born with neurological diseases. He found some allies, including Dan Duncan, and he donated a lot of money to Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

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The Appealing Andrea McWilliams

The lobbyist and political fundraiser known as Andrea McWiliiams a indeed a person of intrigue. Not only is she an effective strategist, Andrea McWilliams is someone that pays razor sharp attention to detail. In addition, Andrea McWilliams brings a unique outlook to every issue she confronts. Andrea McWilliams is someone who has worked diligently around the clock for the people.

She is also a starlet in the national news media and has been featured on several shows such as FOX News, CNN, and so forth. In addition, Andrea has had reoccurring appearances on several other shows. Andrea McWilliams is a political commentator who has been recognized by her state as an authoritative figure. The state of Texas considers her to be a powerful person. In addition, McWilliams was the only lobbyist who was featured with several highly profiled people in Texas Monthly’s “POWER” feature. This included the Governor.

By the age of 21, McWilliams was already the Chief Of Staff. Today, she is the co–founder of McWilliams. McWilliams is a full–service firm of responsible for consultations with the government. All around, McWilliams is trusted throughout Texas. In addition, McWilliams is actively involved in her community. On numerous occasions, Andrea McWilliams has dabbled in philanthropy. Year after year, Andrea McWilliams has tirelessly served her community. She has used her influence to reshape multiple communities. As a result, Andrea McWilliams has made several donations.

In addition, McWilliams is a proud recipient and nominee of several awards for her hard work and dedication. Evidently, it did not co unnoticed. This is true. Andrea McWilliams has also received an award for being a woman of distinction. Several years ago, Andrea received an award due to being young and successful. In fact, she was awarded by a Statesman for her outstanding contributions.