EOS: Down to Earth but Still out of This World

EOS lip balm is one of the fastest growing products in the world right now, and people are amazed by it. Suddenly, around 2013, it started showing up all over the place. Now, some of the top celebrities proudly wear the various tasty flavors on their lips and indirectly encourage their fans to buy it. What made EOS so fabulous so fast? The co-founder of the company revealed a few of the company’s strategies, and Kline did a little research on it. Here’s what they revealed:

Pleasure Makes Sense

EOS took a huge step away from what was normal for lip balm and created a brand new style. The product that they created looked good felt good and tasted good. The manufacturer managed to hit three major areas in which traditional lip balm was lacking. The company capitalized off the dryness and drabness of the old-school cylinder lip balm containers by taking it to a whole new level.

Social Media Coolness Pays Off

EOS keeps up with its social media profiles and stays in touch with its consumers. Keeping a down-to-earth online presence creates loyal customers and people who are willing to offer referrals and promotions. The company currently has more than 7 million Facebook fans and followers. Each of those followers could potentially bring hundreds of people on board. Perhaps that’s why EOS has racked up $250 million in such a short period.

Uniqueness Wins the War

EOS proved that being different is good when it comes to winning the favor of consumers. Its orb-shaped containers and wild flavors available on Walmart are favorites among all kinds of people. EOS is currently number two on the top seller’s list for lip balm. It’s highly likely that the company’s profits will increase as it comes out with additional products. Visit evolutionofsmooth.com for more information.