Brad Reifler Makes Smart Investment Strategies

Brad has been in the business industry for so many years and is commonly referred to as a sequential entrepreneur. His investment strategies are seen to be smart as they are prudent and well thought out. Brad a graduate from Bowdoin College made his first mark by starting his own business, a company that goes by the name Reifler Trading Company which he ended up selling to Refco back in the year 2000. When running Reifler he built a name for himself and was regarded as the best trader and this platform and solid based made it easy for him to grow in the financial sector. He joined Pali capital as a founding partner, CEO and a chairman, Pali Company is a company that focused on the provision of financial service. Nothing has stopped Brad from venturing in different areas of finance and thus has served in different positions in different companies. He is a director of companies such as Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, European American Bank and Foresight Research Solution. Further, he has a partnership with CIFCO International Group.

In the year 2009 he made another great mark by founding Front Capital Market Management were he now serves as the CEO. Front Capital is a company providing financial services internationally using its various branches. The business is customer satisfaction oriented and thus has been able to build a name for himself. This is a very smart move as it has mitigated the risk the business would normally face by a provision of quality services that sell the business without much effort. Front Capital indeed has enjoyed good management, a leader that is prominent and sound banking and thus it goes on to shine.

Who is Brad Reifler?

Brad Carl Reifler commonly known as Brad is the founder of Forefront Advisory and a partner in CIFCO International Group. In the community, Brad remains a key figure and very influential as his focus has mostly been creating that equality that narrows the gap between the rich and the poor. He graduated from Bowdoin College in Economics and Political Science and since then he has not gone away from his passion in the finance and business world.

He is keen in ensuring that the community is empowered in regards to money matters and thus he speaks extensively about everyone getting involved in investments and he focuses mainly on the middle class and the lower class. Brad is very much passionate about what he does and cannot help wanting to share his passion with the world.