David Giertz’s Rise In The Financial Services Sector

After earning an Executive MBA from the University of Miami, David Giertz’s illustrious career in the financial services sector began. Starting as an investment advisor with Citicorp Investment Services, Giertz was a top producer and, recognizing his ability, Citicorp promoted him to vice president and then president of their Citibank Investment Services program in Florida. After only a few years, Giertz was promoted again to VP of Citigroup and then executive VP of sales, since he consistently exceeded expectations.

After a decade at Citicorp, David Giertz moved to Nationwide Financial, where he accepted the regional VP of the Southeastern United States position. Again, he quickly moved up the ladder to become president of Nationwide Financial’s Sales and Distribution Organization. Giertz’s success comes from hard work and his continual efforts to enhance his skills. As a graduate of The Buckley School of Public Speaking, Wharton’s SIA Leadership for Managers program and other career related classes, Giertz honed his skills so that he would continue to exceed his employer’s revenue goals on moneytips.com.

After three decades in the industry, Giertz decided to become a business coach. Certified by the World Association of Business Coaches, Giertz’s competencies and business experience make him highly qualified to advise other professionals. In an interview with ideamench, Giertz explained that his days primarily consist of calls and meetings to discuss strategies with his clients; however, he did note that customers often have excellent insights on angel.co. As for coaching himself, Giertz finds that he is more productive when he carves out a block of time for emails; otherwise, they would overwhelm him.

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