Rick Smith’s Technological Genius Protects Those Who Protect Us

Richard (Rick) A. Smith has been employed in the telecommunications field for over 30 years. In June 2008, Smith accepted the position of CEO at Securus Technologies Inc.

Rick Smith received an MBA from the University of Rochester, a B.S. and M.S. degrees in Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and an Associate’s Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Before his current position, Mr. Smith was the President of Eschelon Telecom Inc., CEO, and COO from October 1998 to August 2007. From 1972 to October 1998 he had various positions at Global Crossing (formerly Frontier Corp) where he was their Controller, Chief Information Officer, and President.

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Before joining Securus, Rick Smith’s primary responsibilities at Eschelon Telecom Inc. which is a provider of integrated voice, data and Internet services, were to oversee all field and corporate operations. His additional requirements included strategic and operational planning and to maintain the existing market planning, acquisitions, and fundraising. Smith was successful in expanding Eschelon into five markets and secured significant financial resources while implementing a new “facilities-based” network plan.

Securus Technologies provides innovative technology solutions to serve correction agencies and law enforcement using reliable straightforward and efficient technology solutions. The primary responsibility is to maintain public safety using telecommunications based on its high-tech software. Securus has invested more than $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions over a three year period. Also, Securus reinvests more than more $19 million a year.

Telecommunications modernizes the experience of being incarcerated which enhances public safety. The technology communicates with the criminal justice system to provide effective emergency responses, incident management, public information, investigation, verification, communication, information management, and inmate self-service. Securus Technology offers a customer call center and technical support teams that operate all day and every day.

Regarding inmate services, Securus connects family and friends to those incarcerated using telecommunications technique to securing a phone call service, provide for voice mail and also to permit a video contact with the inmates family and friends, which is similar to a Skype service.

Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, provides service to more than 3,400 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and over 1.2 million inmates in 48 states. Securus was founded in 1986 and has more than 140 patents with many still pending. Securus, “Secure Call Platform” (SCP) has more that 2,200 installations. SCS is a call management system which provides Securus clients the ability to operate on a “centralized digital network.”

Securus is continually, and aggressively protecting the correctional system. Inmates obtaining contraband cell phones has reached a crisis within the correctional system. Securus has a solution for contraband cell phones and has developed its Wireless Containment Solution, which prevents contraband cell phones from interfacing with mobile networks. Visit securustechnologies.com for more info.

Customers Getting Exemplary Services From Securus Technologies

I was not surprised when I came to know that Securus Technologies gives an open invitation to its clients at Facilities for visiting their technology center. The reason behind this was clear. The company is continuously providing technology which can revolutionize the incarceration environment completely. This way Securus Technologies helps Facilities to improve their public safety. But this can only happen when their prospective customers are aware of what all the company is offering. A visit to their Technology Center provides exactly that.


I have seen the comments that come in from facility customers. They express happiness as they use technology for solving crimes and even for preventing them. This is applying to the inmate-on-inmate crimes also.


These are the comments that are evident in all the letters as well as email communications that I have come across. All of these are received from prison and jail officials all across the United States. They are coming in from those officials whose job is the prevention and solving of crimes. This is the only way to make the incarceration environment much safer as well as better.


Securus Technologies has been developing new products or services on a continual basis. In fact, nearly each week they come out with something that is new and innovative. The aim here is to help the law enforcement along with corrections officials to solve and prevent crimes.


Securus Technologies receives thousands of letters along with emails. Many of these ask what they are building and how that will help in keeping the society and inmates, along with their families, and even the parolees safe.


I am aware that Securus Technologies is fully involved in building safety. They have a clear focus on protecting as well as serving through everything that they do. There are a number of solved cases to prove that.


Securus Technologies Intercepts Important Information For Crime Prevention

One pioneering telephone company is fighting crime. The fight crime by arming police officers with the most relevant information possible. It might seem crazy that a telephone company can prevent crime, but it is true. Securus Technologies, a company well regarded by police officers, is the crime-fighting telephone company.


This superhero telephone company does it by intercepting information passing through their telephone lines. Their telephone lines are only there to serve prisons and jails across the country. They become the telephone provider for a particular prison or jail by securing government contracts. These contracts are exclusive. They allow Securus Technologies to take over every aspect of particular prison facility’s telecommunications.


Some prison telephone companies do not fight crime. They just sit there as a middleman between the prisoner and their families. Since the prisoner must use their services, some of these companies charge astronomical rates. Essentially, they are profiting off of love and doing nothing to give back.


But our superhero telephone company — Securus Technologies — treats prisoners well. They charge a reasonable rate, offer crystal-clear call quality and run the biggest customer service wing in the industry. Now, we might disagree on whether or not we should treat prisoners so well, but I think we can all agree on the merits of Securus Technologies helping police officers.


Securus Technologies intercepts every single phone call a prisoner makes. Those phone calls are run through a computer which records every single second. That computer contains quite a bit of information that is nearly impossible to search without a new software innovation. The software empowers law enforcement to search the database precisely for information the need to prevent crimes.


In the end, Securus Technologies needs to be getting more government contracts. They are ethically run and they innovate to help keep us all safer.


Securus Wins Award For Proper Customer Service

Securus has been given a Stevie Award for the customer service they provide to others, and they are a lovely company that has helped my law office many times. This article explains how the Securus team has helped my quite a lot with my calls to clients, and there is a look at how I am serving their accounts using video calls. I wish to help everyone on my docket, and I cannot do so without the help of Securus.


#1: Calling Every Client Every Week


Calling clients every week is a part of our customer service package we offer in our law office, and we are certain they will learn more when we are speaking to them often. We offer them information on their cases, and we show them what the next step is for their services. We cannot do anything for them if we cannot speak to them, and I see them on each video call.


#2: Seeing The Client Is Helpful


I need to judge their facial expressions is quite simple when I have them on video, and I will see how they react to each new thing I say. I must know how they feel about their case, and I must learn their honest opinions on each new fact in the case. They need to know what is facing them when they get to court, and we have open conversations on the video calls that are illuminating for them and for me.


I have long been a fan of Securus because of their incredible customer service, and I know they have earned the Stevie Award they were given. It is more important for us to speak to clients now that we offer distance services, and we reach everyone using the proper customer service offered by the Securus staff.