Luxurious No-Poo Shampoo By WEN; What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s face it, ladies; we all abuse our hair with fancy styling tools or processes that involve altering the hair structure, for better or worse.

Regular hair trims at the professional salon are essential, but what about caring for your hair on its own in between those visits?

Shampoo and conditioner often involve a lengthy cycle of multiple bottles in multiple procedures. That’s why the no-poo shampoo method is modern, smart and yields amazing results. There is zero lather involved because your scalp and strands don’t need it. Nor does your mane require nasty sulfates and other chemicals you find in regular shampoos.

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Chaz Dean invented the WEN way a number of years ago. He was tired of watching hair become weakened and dried out by these drugstore hair care products. So he launched WEN By Chaz and changed the way women wash their hair.

WEN By Chaz is full of nature’s finest herbal extracts and those from special botanicals that sooth the hair and scalp and add body, shine and strength to tresses. These unique cleansing conditioners have been carefully prepared to treat the tresses of women with any hair type in any condition.

Washing with WEN By Chaz works as a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and stay-in conditioning treatment. It feels wonderful to massage into the hair and scalp with nutrients that protect and balance.

These formulas feature wonderful ingredients like eucalyptus, aloe leaf juice, sweet almond oil, rosemary leaf extract, wild cherry bark extract and others.

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