Rona Borre Reinvents the Staffing Industry

Rona Borre went into the recruiting industry right out of college and was successful from the very start. By the time her employer was purchased by an international company, she was the top producer with a 30 million book of business. The staffing industry had turned upside down, and she decided to form her company, which she did.

She left her former employer and started Instant Alliance in the spare bedroom of her condo and went from just herself and her dog Henry to a successful hiring and staffing company of her making.

Rona Borre is passionate about treating people with the utmost respect and knowledge that she is doing the very best job for the recruits and the hiring companies as well. Instant Alliance is a boutique company, and it is privately held, so Rona and her expert account executives can turn on a dime and try any new idea that might work. Her one trait that provides much of her momentum is that she is never satisfied. She is always looking at what else can be done.

Rona claims that you win by failing, and you will fail more than you will win, but when things work out for the positive result, those are the times that make all of the trouble worthwhile.

Running a successful business is getting to know people who are working for you and listening to them. She had a job just out of college where she worked for an ad agency and was treated very poorly and was treated badly. She made that job very profitable for the employer and learned that it could be done for her company. She said that the lesson from that was to know that the support people are very important and that they need to be treated with respect.  Related article on

When asked what mistakes she had made, she responded that early on she hires experienced salespeople from big firms who had a lot of support in former jobs. They had a lot of trouble getting new business, and it cost her a lot of money initially. She learned that she had to grow her talent from within. It must have worked because Instant Alliance is one of the fasted growing staffing companies in America.  Check this article of an interview with Borre.

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