Lovaganza: Bringing Love Of Community And Bohemian Adventure To The World

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

At the core of Lovaganza is a bohemian odyssey through the cultures of the Earth. The idea is to promulgate an attitude of cherishing. There are billions of people on this planet who have a diversity about them that should be preserved, not equalized out of existence. Lovaganza wants to impart this idea. To that end, beyond a massive event taking place in 2020, they are putting together a three part saga that will have three films (nine total) comprising beginning, middle, and end. The idea for these films is to showcase IMMERSCOPE 3D, a new technology developed specifically by and for Lovaganza.

Lovaganza’s roots stretch back before 2012. 2012 represents the earliest time the idea was copyrighted via official website–Lovaganza.com. At this website are regular updates on the group’s progress toward the final festival in 2020. But indicated by the website is further planning that must have stretched before 2012. How long has yet to be released to the media. What’s sure is that it was likely around five years, because 2015 was the original date that this festival was supposed to take place. However, somewhere between the time of the idea’s inception and 2015, it was discovered that newer, better technology was available. Wisely, the leaders of Lovaganza decided to curtail unveiling until this new technology had been fully incorporated into the final product.

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To that end, IMMERSCOPE 3D is now characterized as a three-dimensional viewing experiences requiring no glasses. IMMERSCOPE 3D is a 180-degree screen that makes a film have the clarity and intimacy of a theatrical production. In 2017, a traveling convoy–an echo of that which concerns a great deal of the plot in the films–will go around giving people a taste of the Lovaganza to come. Sequentially, three feature films will be released between now and 2020; also as a means of generating interest and awareness in the coming festival.

Lovaganza will take place in eight locations around the world. Oceania, America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East will all feature Lovaganza events on Facebook. Really, it will be the same event simultaneously taking place over the course of four months throughout the world. Nothing like this has been attempted historically–at least in the known historical record. Should Lovaganza pull its ambitious magic off, the way mankind looks at entertainment may totally be changed; and with a message positive to cultural peace. Lovaganza wants to bring the world together.