Reasons Why Betsy Devos Will Excel in Her New Post

Betsy Devos has a good philanthropic record that makes a clear view that competition and choice are the best mechanisms for improving the education system in America. The Betsy family foundation has donated larger sums to health research, art organization, and hospitals.

Donations to the education sector have been at the center of their interests with the need for universal school choice for parents and students. Betsy believes that the donations promote both quality and uniformity. Devos aims to reduce federal encroachment and empower local communities, states, and families.

The proposed charter and voucher system is attractive to families experiencing financial difficulties. Also, ethnic minorities, religious and ideological convictions differing from the mainstream will benefit. The aim is to make private schooling accessible to all children. Betsy is a welcome remedy to the education problems the nation is experiencing.

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  • Bureaucratic liberation

Educational philosophies Betsy proposes will liberate American school system from any encroachment by the federal government. In the past, the government bypassed communities, families, and states to make critical decisions concerning teacher evaluation, restroom policies, school curriculum, and values conformity. The Devos era signals a departure from that tradition.

  • Freedom of thinking

Her family is widely known for championing rights and liberties of communities, religious groups, and families. The family history places a lot of value on education and emphasizes tolerance in a pluralistic society. It allows diverse communities and families to build their schools and choose which schools they want their families to attend.

  • Empowerment of families with financial disadvantage

In the Devos educational philosophy, families with financial problems can choose an education that fits their abilities and unique needs. In the current view, the government dictates and determines the use of taxes in education. It creates a sense of responsibility to families, as they will directly shape the way their children interprets and understands the world.

The potential voucher system gives citizens the ability to influence education directly. Moreover, parents can send their children to a variety of schools including those not accessible without vouchers. The system received support from prominent educators and intellectuals like Anthony Bradley and politicians like Cory Booker.

Betsy Devos will be successful because of her dedication. She is a philanthropist with proven record in education reform. She is a holder of a philosophy of education and will reduce bureaucracy in the sector and increase thinking. Also, she is expected to empower financially-disadvantaged families. All these added to her work ethics and connections will guarantee success.

Devos’s path to the secretary of education is different from her past predecessors. Her path best qualifies her because of her accomplishments and her spirit to make things happen. Her strong beliefs and good record together with interactions with educational policy makers and politicians will enable her manager her new role exceptionally. Folllow Betsy on Twitter.

Keith Mann has established an annual scholarship to pay for college tuition

The cost of college in New York is a huge burden on new students. Often times, students go to college in order to get a job after graduating. With massive amounts of student loan debt, many of these students struggle to make ends meet for many years after graduation.

 This leads to Keith Mann to established an annual scholarship to pay for college tuition, it was for a low-income, senior students there. The fund pays up to $5,000 in college costs and is called Keith Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement.

Applications are reviewed by Mann. Each student application for the scholarship must include a 1,000 word essay, giving the details of how the student plans to use the money to further his or her college education.

 there are 44 Uncommon schools spread across New York and New Jersey, with over 14,000 students enrolled.  Mann has spent some of his own time, as well as money, to mentor some of the students at one chapter of this charter school. His dedication to helping more students achieve college degrees is fully expressed. He has long worked for progress in higher education. Joe Frick is one of Uncommon School’s counselors. He is excited about Mann’s new scholarship. He hopes many more of the school’s students will become successful college graduates because of this scholarship.

Keith Mann is the Founder and CEO of Dynamics Executive Search, which is headquartered in New York, but also has offices in Asia and Europe. His company mostly works in the sector of finance, supplying executive candidates to many large corporations around the world. He works with his executive job seekers to groom them and update education to achieve hires into top positions in the client companies. His company has been in business for 15 years. He lives in Brooklyn.