Why Adam Milstein is a Prominent Figure in Israeli and Jewish Communities

Adam Milstein is a Jewish real estate broker and philanthropist. He is also known for indulging in Pro-Israel activism in the U.S. and abroad. He is happily married to Gila Milstein. Adam usually indulges in various philanthropic endeavors. These include partnership development and consulting. He also participates in fundraisers aimed at supporting Pro-Israel activism, Jewish continuity, and Jewish education.


The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation


In partnership with his wife, Adam came up with the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, a charity organization. The organization focuses on providing charitable and philanthropic support to the Jewish, Israeli, and American natives. The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation operates with an objective of empowering the Jewish and Israeli community in the U.S. and other nations.


Since its inception, the non-profit group has helped Jewish and Israeli people living in foreign countries, such as the U.S., to gain knowledge of their cultural origin. As one of its founders, Gila Milstein oversees all charitable and philanthropic activities.


Adam Milstein’s Principles of Philanthropy


As an individual who founded and chairs several non-profit groups, Adam Milstein is usually critical when undertaking philanthropic endeavors. He relies on three principles when carrying out his work. These include active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. In the manifestation of the first principle, Adam and his team usually allocate sufficient time, skills, and financial resources to any project they are undertaking.


Adam is also enthusiastic about developing organizations that have a life impact on the community. Based on the life path philanthropy principle, he creates programs that suit children, adolescents, and adults. This is because people go through different phases of maturity. He also enlisted his wife’s support in the creation of Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The institution’s mission is to provide books themed on Hebrew teachings to Israeli and Jewish families in the U.S.


Participating in community work goes beyond donating funds. It entails supporting organizations with an objective of enabling them to partner with other non-profit groups that have the same goal. Adam Milstein achieved this goal through his membership in institutions, such as Birthright Israel, Jewish Funders Network, Stand By Me, and Israel on Campus Coalition.



Troy McQuagge, Chief Executive Officer and President of USHEALTH Group Inc

Troy McQuagge is the Chief Executive Officer and President of USHEALTH Group, Inc. USHEALTH is based in Texas and focuses on offering innovative healthcare packages for small business owners as entrepreneurs. USHEALTH’s goal is to combine agent and employees talents to market profitable and competitive insurance products while maintaining excellent customer service.

Troy McQuagge Awards

Troy McQuagge was named the Chief Executive Officer of the Year emerging the Gold Winner in the One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards is a global premier coveted award that honors industries with good business ethics and excellent professionalism worldwide. Various types of organizations ranging from public to private, non-profit to for-profit are eligible for submission of the nominations for the awards. The honors are classified under various categories like new services and products, executives, marketing, corporate communications and Public Relations.

Troy McQuagge Recognitions

Troy’s tenure at USHEALTH has led to unprecedented profitability, growth and success in the industry of health and insurance.In 2010,Troy McQuagge joined the company with the aim of rebuilding its distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. The successful re-tool of USHEALTH Advisors enabled him to be elected as the President and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH in 2014.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur and corporate executive who hails from the city of Panama in Florida. However, Troy currently reside in Coppell, Texas where he maintains the prestigious title of president of USHEALTH. McQuagge has experience of over thirty years in the sales industry.

Troy McQuagge has the opportunity to further his education by attending the University of Central Florida. After graduating, Troy kicked started his career in the sales department of numerous health insurance companies. For instance, Troy worked at Allstate Insurance and UICI Health Market in 1983 and 1995 respectively. The target market for Troy McQuagge are individuals aged below 65years.

Troy was honored to receive recognition from One Planet Awards but extends it to all his staff members. The award is attributed to the commitment of USHEALTH in solving problems concerning affordability of health care services .


Todd Lubar Is Now One Of The Biggest Players In Property Development

To survive in the real estate sector, one has to possess entrepreneurial traits, drive, and person. Let us discuss some of the most successful businessmen in the real estate sector today.

Arthur Becker is the top manager at Madison Partners, LLC. The firm concentrates in sectors of the economy such as property development. Arthur is also a member of the management team of Bio-Tech Ventures.

Beckers once served as the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, LLC. Before his stint at Zinio, Arthur Becker had worked as the CEO of NaviSite. NaviSite is listed on the NASDAQ. The company specializes in providing internet access solutions. Arthur has also had the privilege of working with the Vera Wang enterprise.

Speaking to Ideasmench, Arthur Becker attributed his entrepreneurial success to a balance between passion and personal drive with a well-thought plan. Startups present a host of new challenges that require a critical mind that works with an individual drive. The businessman has tried his hand in several ventures and in each venture he has sought to avoid wrong decisions made in the previous one.

Another success story in the property development market is the property development expert Todd Lubar. Todd made an entry into the industry in the year 1995. He derived satisfaction in helping people acquire residential and commercial houses. This trait made him resolve to settle on property development and finance as his career. Earlier in his career, he spent time building relationships with the sector’s leaders, agents, and financials.

In the wake of the new millennial, he secured an equity position with the lender, Legacy Financial Group, affording himself an avenue to access funds. In the year 2002, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Properties, LLC.

Legendary Properties, LLC has been able to propel him to success. The company specializes in purchase and rehabilitation of urban residences ranging from single family houses to mixed establishments.

His clientele has grown steadily, and his good working relationship with lenders has enabled him to secure a reliable line of credit with banks. With a real market and access to funds, Todd Lubar’s property development business can only keep growing.

Tony Petrello: Successful Businessman And Philanthropist

Anyone in the industry knows about Anthony Petrello. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, which was founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy. Anthony Petrello was hired in the year of 1991 to become Deputy Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer at Nabors.

He had previously worked at New York Office of the law firm Baker & McKenzie. He was there from 1986 until 1991, when he went over to Nabors.

After Anthony Petrello came into the scene, the company started doing better than it ever did before. In the year 1992, just a year after he came, Nabors earned forty four million dollars. A few years later, Nabors got moved to S&P 500 Index of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States. This was all after Anthony Petrello put his skills to work. There was an entire article in The Daily Beast written by a former roommate of Anthony. He said he was jealous that his former roommate become so successful.

He made it to the top paid bosses list of Forbes. In 1997, Anthony and his wife Cynthia Petrello has a baby girl at the Houston Women’s Hospital. The baby had VL (periventricular leukomalacia). It is a condition that is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. She developed cerebral palsy. This lead to Anthony starting to look at areas of his life. He decided to start donating to charity to help children born with neurological diseases. He found some allies, including Dan Duncan, and he donated a lot of money to Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

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Keeping a Balance According to A Experienced Entrepreneur

There are many ways to succeed at business and life, but there are certain things you have to take in account if you want to do this. In a recent podcast Josh Verne was asked what he thought what was important to succeed at business. His answers were simple yet profound. Here are the five key points that he revealed.


You first have to find your passion in life. Without this, life would be a lot more miserable, especially considering how much time a day you spend doing it. If you are running a business act as a leader would act. That means listening to your employees concerns and ideas. A true leader puts his people first and isn’t completely selfish and consumed with their own priorities. This means making every project or situation a win-win for everyone. That’s how a business thrives, when everyone gets to succeed. With all this business talk it is important to be balanced. If you are not, then you will get burnt out. That means you will less likely succeed. Being balanced with life and work make life more pleasurable.


Josh Verne has been in the entrepreneur business for over 20 years. His vast experience has made him an excellent businessman in his field. He founded and is CEO of FlockU.com with his childhood friend Jon Dorfman.


FlockU.com is a marketing company where students can interact with other students. They can write, read, and watch videos about anything and everything including current events and such.