Sawyer Howitt Wants Others to Know About Racquetball

Sawyer Howitt is a racquetball expert. Not only is he a champion at the game but he also did accomplish everything that he did with it at a very young age. This is something that he has worked on since he was a child and it has made him much better than most of the other players. Sawyer Howitt has a lot of interests but he is most interested in the racquetball world because of the things that it is able to provide him with. He wants to continue with his racquetball career but he knows that it might not be possible to continue doing exactly what he wants with it. For that reason, he has chosen to teach people about racquetball so that they can be just as good as what he is.

Based out of Portland, Sawyer Howitt had a lot of time to play racquetball. In the area, it is a very popular sport because of the poor weather conditions that are available for other sports. When Sawyer Howitt started to play racquetball, he knew that he was good but he also had no idea that he would be able to go as far as what he did with the sports career. It was something that he had dreamed of (as most racquetball players have) but it was not something that he thought would truly be a possibility on his own. He continued working hard and playing harder so that he could help more people.

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Sawyer Howitt still plays racquetball. He is fond of the sport and does it regularly for exercise. Now that he is out of school, though, there is less of a chance of him being able to do it professionally. He has now decided to set up training programs for people who want to be able to play like him. This is something that he is going to do almost exclusively online and something that he feels confident will help other people. He plans on creating a lesson series that is made up of several parts and explains the different aspects of playing racquetball.


Career Growth at the Wessex Institute of Technology

A career in research, especially in the field of science and innovation, can be very lucrative. However, there are only a few institutions which give individuals the opportunity to grow and develop their passion in the field. If you are looking for a good employer, try the Wessex Institute of Technology.The Institute, which is popularly known as WIT, is a scientific community which is known for many things. They are known for organizing conferences on an annual basis.

They are also known for their publishing press which churns out publications on various scientific and innovation articles and books.Anyone looking for a job at the Institute is lucky to join the community of students and researchers alike. They have various job openings which they post on their official website as well as recruitment forums. Your job is to find the right fit for your career growth and apply.

Patty Rocklage, the Face of Psychotherapy

When it comes to Patty Rocklage, she can be described as an individual with the most inviting personality. Her smile is contagious and her thoughts and words are genuine. She is a licensed psychotherapist that practices in the state of Massachusetts. She counsels clients on how to face and deal with daily struggles that have impacted their lives. She also counsels families, married couples, and counsels to help them find solutions that work for them. Patty knows the importance to be understanding to each of her client’s specific needs because that is what helps form the bond of trust as she counsels them. She earned a degree in psychology from the University of Southern California in 1981. The skills she offers her clients are invaluable and include teaching, public speaking, team building and coaching.

Her overall persona is well liked, well known, and makes her successful in her career. She believes in creating a close connection with each of her clients so that the bond of trust is built between them. This helps each individual with personal growth and valuable tools to help them handle the struggles they are dealing with. Patty Rocklage works with the Sudanese Education Fund. This fund was created to help the individuals that relocated to the state of Massachusetts from the Southern Sudan area. It helps the individuals become stable in all aspects of employment and education.

Patty Rocklage and her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage are known for their outstanding contributions to the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts. Their contributions went specifically to the Chemistry department where renovations were done at the nanochemistry lab and the nanotechnology lab. They toured the department after the renovations and the chemistry department affiliates were thankful for their generous contributions. This helps create the atmosphere for up and coming chemistry majors to do the studies and research that is required.

Both Patty and Scott Rocklage are avid supporters of community involvement and like to give back where it needs to be given. Communities are what molds and shapes people into who they are today. Patty is involved and supports all community outreach activities and learn more about Patty.

Nine9 Brings Stars out of the Woodwork!

Do you have talent that is being unheard? Well get ready for that all to change! With Nine9 at your disposal, they will make sure your talents are seen. Nine9 has worked with tremendous people of all sorts, including musicians, actors and talent all over the world. Used as a jump-start for some peoples careers, Nine9 has the ability to get your name out there by landing you auditions in the entertainment industry.

Many people that have used Nine9 to showcase their talents have had wonderful experiences worth talking about. Those have found access to photo-shoots, auditions, and have even found spots in commercials! Not just individuals seeking to spark up their career’s benefit from what Nine9 has to offer. Casting directors and talent scouts from all over can use this website to help them find people that can be turned into stars and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

Nine9 instructors know how to coach and show students the inner workings of the industry, to help them become successful in their auditioning process. Nine9 broadcasts some of their talented students photos, admiring the outcome and showing what they have to offer. The “Unagency” then goes on to give tips on how to approach one of their photo-shoots, such as what to wear, and how to speak etc. As well as what to and what not too worry about when preparing for the shoot. Lastly, things you may or may not want to accompany with you on arrival. Making sure you’re prepared and on time for a scheduled event is also an important subject involving a Nine9 photoshoot and more information click here.

Founder and CEO of Nine9, Anthony Toma gives his reasoning on why he created the business, and it was to aspire people to ‘live out their dreams’. Giving them a platform to do that is important to Anthony. The name Nine9 stands for the ninety nine percent of people who assume that they don’t have a shot making it in the entertainment industry. All though Nine9 isn’t a miracle worker, Anthony believes if you put in the time and effort, you will succeed. To apply go to

Economic Hardships Facilitated The Increase Of Alternative Lending At Equities First

According to some monetary reports published in regard to the rise of economic crisis, the financial crisis roots could be traced primarily and directly to affordable housing policies that were initiated by Urban Development (HUD) and US Department of Housing in the 1990s and huge buying of risky loans by government-sponsored entities. In the early & mid 2000s, the USA government called several times for assessment of soundness and safety of GSEs and their extending portfolio at subprime mortgages. However, the hearings never led to any formal investigation or new legislation of the involved government agencies; Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as several members of the committee refused in accepting the report and rather rebuked OFHEO for their regulation attempt. Many believe that was an early indication of the systemic danger that the subprime growing market posed towards the US financial system and that went unheeded. Out of the great effects of financial institutions and lending sectors, borrowing in conventional institutions has become hard with banks and most financial institutions having suffered a blow during the recession. Today, Equities First has taken the chance to fill the gap by furnishing potential investors (small companies & individuals) with stock-based loans.

To some analysts, the delay caused in 1995 between CRA rule changes and subprime lending explosion is not astonishing and does not vindicate the CRA. According to them, there existed two intertwined causes in regard to the crisis. That is the 1995 underwriting standards relaxation and ultra-low interests’ proportions that were spearheaded by the Federal Reserve following the September 11, 2001 terrorists attack. Both factors had to be kept in place prior to the crisis happening. Other critics pointed out that the publicly reported CRA loan pledges were massive making at $4.5 trillion between 1994 and 2007. Equities First is a firm of its kind with its services continuing to shine all over the world. Equities at LinkedIn . for more .

Todd Lubar Is Now One Of The Biggest Players In Property Development

To survive in the real estate sector, one has to possess entrepreneurial traits, drive, and person. Let us discuss some of the most successful businessmen in the real estate sector today.

Arthur Becker is the top manager at Madison Partners, LLC. The firm concentrates in sectors of the economy such as property development. Arthur is also a member of the management team of Bio-Tech Ventures.

Beckers once served as the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, LLC. Before his stint at Zinio, Arthur Becker had worked as the CEO of NaviSite. NaviSite is listed on the NASDAQ. The company specializes in providing internet access solutions. Arthur has also had the privilege of working with the Vera Wang enterprise.

Speaking to Ideasmench, Arthur Becker attributed his entrepreneurial success to a balance between passion and personal drive with a well-thought plan. Startups present a host of new challenges that require a critical mind that works with an individual drive. The businessman has tried his hand in several ventures and in each venture he has sought to avoid wrong decisions made in the previous one.

Another success story in the property development market is the property development expert Todd Lubar. Todd made an entry into the industry in the year 1995. He derived satisfaction in helping people acquire residential and commercial houses. This trait made him resolve to settle on property development and finance as his career. Earlier in his career, he spent time building relationships with the sector’s leaders, agents, and financials.

In the wake of the new millennial, he secured an equity position with the lender, Legacy Financial Group, affording himself an avenue to access funds. In the year 2002, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Properties, LLC.

Legendary Properties, LLC has been able to propel him to success. The company specializes in purchase and rehabilitation of urban residences ranging from single family houses to mixed establishments.

His clientele has grown steadily, and his good working relationship with lenders has enabled him to secure a reliable line of credit with banks. With a real market and access to funds, Todd Lubar’s property development business can only keep growing.

Equities First Holdings, The Pioneer Of Stock-based Loans.

Equities First Holdings is a worldwide creditor and a leader in alternate stakeholder financing solutions. It offers commercial and non-financial solutions to companies and individual investors alike. They provide risk evaluation and take stocks, bonds, and treasuries as the guarantee. They also give non-financial solutions to individuals with high net-worth.

The company is seeing people transitioning from the conventional borrowing system to margin and stock-based loans. The pull is because the conventional way of borrowing which involves banks and other financial institutions have raised their lending criteria.

EFH sees a new brilliant way to attract individuals who need to raise capital quickly and don’t meet the qualifications of conventional ways. They have done so by allowing a borrower to use his/her stocks as collateral for the loan.

People think of stock-based loans and margin loans as identical, but this isn’t the case. When applying for a margin loan, the borrower must be pre-qualified and may require the money for an unambiguous purpose. Furthermore, the financial institution may liquidate the debtors’ assets at any time without warning during a marginal call.

Compared to stock-based loans, marginal loans have a lower loan-to-value ratio. The interest rate of stock-based loans is fixed and small. It can also be used for any purpose the borrower wishes. The most brilliant aspect of stock-based loans is that they are non-recourse. It means that the debtor can walk away without any duty at any time, albeit the stock value has fallen. Equities First at LinkedIn .

According to Al Christy Jr., the CEO of EFH, stock-based loans have traditionally been ignored due to the huge number of dishonest lenders. They have failed to return bonds upon maturity, cast off borrowers’ shares into the open market and failed to address other issues. However, Equities First Holdings is built on the principles of honesty and transparency. They also seek the advice of trading, regulatory and legal institutions.

There are many investors whose businesses fail to take off due to lack of capital. EFH is the solution for them since it’s efficient and quick. They offer margin stock-based loans like no other institution as their process of qualification is simple. As long as the debtor has sufficient shares to put up collateral, then he/she qualifies for a loan. The company also has over a decade’s worth of experience and has served thousands of clienteles. for more.

The Rise Of Hussain Sajwani In The Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is a business mogul and investor. He is based in Dubai. Hussain incorporated DAMAC Properties in 2002. The company deals with the construction of residential real estate properties. As he was starting the venture, he managed to sell many units of a 38-story building before developing the property. Hussain Sajwani ventured into the real estate industry by purchasing land in one part of the town, which was underdeveloped then. Over the years, he has played a significant role in enhancing the image of Dubai to the world by developing world-class properties. In 2013, DAMAC Properties worked closely with Donald Trump to develop two golf courses named after Trump. They are the International Trump Golf Course in Dubai and the Trump Golf Course. Tiger Woods designed the latter, which is scheduled to start operations at the end of 2018. Immediately after his election as the President of the United States, Trump praised Hussain Sajwani in a press conference.

Before founding DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani family was heavily engaged in the food service business where he managed to woo different customers such as Bechtel, a leading construction company, and the US military. Hussain Sanjwani is one of the pioneers of developing market properties in Dubai. In the mid-1990’s, he build many hotels to accommodate the increasing number of people going to do business in the Emirates. In addition, Sajwani has a proven record of profitable forays in the capital and equity markets. He is regarded as a diligent investor and a shrewd businessman. Moreover, Hussain has served in different boards such as the Majan University in Oman, Emirates Takaful Company and JUNO Online, which is based in New York. Additionally, Hussain Sajwani is a devoted philanthropist who donates to numerous charitable organizations that support the local communities, especially the underprivileged members of the society.

DAMAC Properties is based in Dubai. To date, the company is heavily involved in developing commercial, residential, and leisure properties in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East. Headquartered in Dubai, the corporation offers engineering services, construction solutions and real estate architecture. Owing to its success in developing different properties, DAMAC has expanded its operations to Lebanon, North Africa, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

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The Evolution and Success of Cotemar

The most sought after quality, from personal to business, has always been to possess the capability to evolve in order survive and succeed. That is no different for the 100% Mexican owned company named Cotemar. What started in 1979, as a specialization in accommodating and catering, and very few vessels for diving and maintaining, turned into a company that focused on 3 obvious, but crucial, services: maintenance and modernization of offshore rigs, maritime support, including firefighting boats, and food and accommodation services for all those working offshore. The ability to evolve with the ever-growing needs of the oil industry, has made them the success they are today.

The basis of the company, being integrity, reliability, humility and innovation, have led them to be a self-sustaining company that depends only on its’ talented staff to run efficiently. Their claim to consistent, honest and reliable work ethic, has shot them forward to the point where they are now. As mentioned earlier, they started with only a few vessels, whereas now they have tugs, barges, transportation for oil, liquids, sand, barite, mud, and vessels for firefighting and oil spills. They also take pride in having some of the country’s most promising engineers to work together to come up with innovating ways to revolutionize the industry.

Cotemar not only values its’ clients, but they also value their employees. Job review websites show great assessments left by actual past and present employees. They not only offer medical insurance, but they also help them with finding a home. Any tools needed for the job, or hotels needed when staying out of town, are paid in full by the company. Transportation and food is also covered. They offer great salary as well as the ability to work up the ladder within the company itself. The most important fact noted in those comments, is that the owners are simple, humble people. They treat everyone with the respect that they deserve and never make anyone feel belittled.

Cotemar sits on a firm foundation of values they vow to maintain. As long as they continue on their path to growth, while keeping in mind their humble beginnings, they will prosper for many years to come.