The Rise Of Hussain Sajwani In The Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is a business mogul and investor. He is based in Dubai. Hussain incorporated DAMAC Properties in 2002. The company deals with the construction of residential real estate properties. As he was starting the venture, he managed to sell many units of a 38-story building before developing the property. Hussain Sajwani ventured into the real estate industry by purchasing land in one part of the town, which was underdeveloped then. Over the years, he has played a significant role in enhancing the image of Dubai to the world by developing world-class properties. In 2013, DAMAC Properties worked closely with Donald Trump to develop two golf courses named after Trump. They are the International Trump Golf Course in Dubai and the Trump Golf Course. Tiger Woods designed the latter, which is scheduled to start operations at the end of 2018. Immediately after his election as the President of the United States, Trump praised Hussain Sajwani in a press conference.

Before founding DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani family was heavily engaged in the food service business where he managed to woo different customers such as Bechtel, a leading construction company, and the US military. Hussain Sanjwani is one of the pioneers of developing market properties in Dubai. In the mid-1990’s, he build many hotels to accommodate the increasing number of people going to do business in the Emirates. In addition, Sajwani has a proven record of profitable forays in the capital and equity markets. He is regarded as a diligent investor and a shrewd businessman. Moreover, Hussain has served in different boards such as the Majan University in Oman, Emirates Takaful Company and JUNO Online, which is based in New York. Additionally, Hussain Sajwani is a devoted philanthropist who donates to numerous charitable organizations that support the local communities, especially the underprivileged members of the society.

DAMAC Properties is based in Dubai. To date, the company is heavily involved in developing commercial, residential, and leisure properties in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East. Headquartered in Dubai, the corporation offers engineering services, construction solutions and real estate architecture. Owing to its success in developing different properties, DAMAC has expanded its operations to Lebanon, North Africa, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

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The Evolution and Success of Cotemar

The most sought after quality, from personal to business, has always been to possess the capability to evolve in order survive and succeed. That is no different for the 100% Mexican owned company named Cotemar. What started in 1979, as a specialization in accommodating and catering, and very few vessels for diving and maintaining, turned into a company that focused on 3 obvious, but crucial, services: maintenance and modernization of offshore rigs, maritime support, including firefighting boats, and food and accommodation services for all those working offshore. The ability to evolve with the ever-growing needs of the oil industry, has made them the success they are today.

The basis of the company, being integrity, reliability, humility and innovation, have led them to be a self-sustaining company that depends only on its’ talented staff to run efficiently. Their claim to consistent, honest and reliable work ethic, has shot them forward to the point where they are now. As mentioned earlier, they started with only a few vessels, whereas now they have tugs, barges, transportation for oil, liquids, sand, barite, mud, and vessels for firefighting and oil spills. They also take pride in having some of the country’s most promising engineers to work together to come up with innovating ways to revolutionize the industry.

Cotemar not only values its’ clients, but they also value their employees. Job review websites show great assessments left by actual past and present employees. They not only offer medical insurance, but they also help them with finding a home. Any tools needed for the job, or hotels needed when staying out of town, are paid in full by the company. Transportation and food is also covered. They offer great salary as well as the ability to work up the ladder within the company itself. The most important fact noted in those comments, is that the owners are simple, humble people. They treat everyone with the respect that they deserve and never make anyone feel belittled.

Cotemar sits on a firm foundation of values they vow to maintain. As long as they continue on their path to growth, while keeping in mind their humble beginnings, they will prosper for many years to come.