How Eric Pulier Maintains his Success as an Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is an innovator. He is a published author, a sought after public speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. As a technologist Eric Pulier has made a career out of being at the right place at the right time in order to set himself up for success. Pulier’s work with the XPrize Foundation as well as vAtomic Systems has made him somebody worth paying attention to, and that is exactly what we are about to do.

Working as an entrepreneur can be a tough task. Getting into the right frame of mind is absolutely essential so it is important to have a game plan. Eric Pulier is meticulous in his approach to establishing a solid game plan to attack the day. Every single day begins after a solid night of rest so that he wakes up feeling refreshed. Upon waking up Pulier will tuck into a good and healthy breakfast before beginning to focus on his list of objectives. Being a list maker gives Pulier the ability to focus and really set his plans into motion. Entrepreneurs need to remember that they can’t be everything at once and a measured approach like this definitely helps.

Eric Pulier’s key to bringing ideas to reality is to focus on jotting down anything that inspires him. Thanks to modern technology he is always jotting notes down in his phone and keeping track of them. Ideas and inspiration can come at just about any time and he knows that he has to capture them. Still, just because he writes a concept down doesn’t mean that he is going to go all in on it. Pulier says, “Often I’ll let something sit for days” in order to let the concept grow and formulate.

Right now Eric Pulier is really excited and focused on the idea of gene modification. He is looking at genome editing tech like the CRISPR-Cas9 as something to pay attention to. He believes that gene editing can be a huge game changer for the entire human race, and isn’t that the goal of every entrepreneur? To be right on the edge of that innovation?

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