José Henrique Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil

The Brazilian advertisement industry is very competitive and more so when it comes to the provision of services to prominent and renowned businesses. Therefore, to stand out among the other advertising companies in industries require resilience, hard work, product and service differentiation among other strategies. José Henrique Borghi is among the few entrepreneurs with creative advertising platforms in Brazil. His Ad agency known as Mullen Lowe has helped many businesses to get their start in the Brazilian market. Mullen Lowe Brasil helped companies such as Mitsubishi, American Express, and Unilever to maneuver through the Brazilian market easily.

José Henrique Borghi admired for his creativity in the advertising and marketing industry. Being the Co-CEO of the company, he has always carried the flag of the company high. Borghi is highly talented, and he has played a significant role in creating and developing advertising campaigns for international companies such as Ikea, Mattel, Google, Western Union, and Johnson & Johnson. He is well known for offering sophisticated advertising strategies that have helped different businesses succeed. He has a very efficient team that is highly experienced.

About Mullen Lowe Brasil

Mullen Lowe Brasil is part of Mullen Lowe Group, one of the massive advertising agencies in Sao Paulo. The company was formed when Mullen US and Borghi Lowe formed a partnership in 2015 to create the advertising agency Mullen Lowe Group.

The Brazilian branch was named Mullen Lowe Brasil. With the help of Borghi, the company has had a tremendous growth in the last few years. José Henrique Borghi is tasked with ensuring that the company’s digital marketing, public relations, mobile marketing, and social media are active. He also oversees and interprets the performance analytics of the enterprise. Borghi is a core pillar of the business, and he is still on course to take the company to a whole new level.

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