Philip Diehl Discusses Reasons For Owning Gold At US Money Reserve Conference

With the current situation in US politics and world events, US Money Reserve decided it was time to host a meeting regarding buying precious metals during emergency situations. They decided to turn it into an invite-only event hosted at a hidden location in Austin, TX where precious metal industry experts would discuss the impact of current affairs on gold.

The featured speaker of this is event is US Money Reserve president Philip Diehl who has spent years in the sale and information publishing of precious metals. Diehl will present a new US Gold Report at this conference that includes three key reasons to own it.

US Money Reserve has a 16-year history in selling top-grade precious metals to buyers all around the world. Their main goal is to inform people on how gold can retain high value and even become more valuable during times of crisis such as terrorist attacks, market crashes, trade wars and political elections.

Over the years US Money Reserve has built up one of the most extensive precious metal inventories that includes commemorative gold coins, gold bars, silver bullion and even the platinum American Eagle coin. They’ve also published booklets on all the risks associated with buying various bullion. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Most important to US Money Reserve’s work is having experts with strong backgrounds in numismatics, including Philip Diehl who is a former US Mint Director. Diehl holds degrees in government and political science and has worked with many state and federal agencies including the Texas Comptroller’s Office and the Senate Finance Committee.

Diehl became one of the top US Mint Directors because he turned around the production of its commemorative coins and also cut down on unnecessary expenses. He also had a website built for the Mint that helped the department become one of the highest customer satisfaction rating organizations in the nation.

Upon leaving the Mint and entering the private sector, Diehl saw a company with a vision he liked in US Money Reserve and decided to help them market their rare coins to a diverse customer base.

Diehl has also made information readily available on the US Money Reserve website to first-time buyers that covers the kind of gold bullion they should purchase, and how they can transfer an IRA into gold.

Extra assistance for purchases, returns or incomplete transactions can be found on Client-Connect Advantage, a chat platform that’s available when you visit

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Highland Capital’s James Dondero Gives Back to the Community

With an emphasis on distressed and high-yield investing, Highland Capital Management of Dallas Co-Founder and President James Dondero has accumulated over three decades of experience working in the credit and equity markets. Upon graduating with Honors from the University of Virginia and with a double major in Finance and Accounting from the McIntire School of Commerce, Mr. Dondero began his career in 1984, working with Morgan Guaranty. He later held positions with Protective Life and American Express. Since its beginning in 1993, Highland Capital has helped retail investors across the world with solutions to their credit issues. In addition to Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero is the President of NexPoint Capital Inc. and is chairman of the board for Nexbank and the Cornerstone Healthcare Group. He is also on the Board of Directors for MGM Studios and American Banknote. At present, Highland Capital has nearly $19 billion in assets.
Mr. Dondero is a prominent philanthropist who has given of his resources to support the areas of veteran’s affairs, education, and public policy. He supports the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Uplift Education, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, and the Tower Scholars Program at Southern Methodist University. The Scholars Program gives undergraduate students access to studying abroad and lets them be exposed to policy making in the public sector. He was also appointed to the SMU Cox School of Business Board.
He recently made a contribution of one million dollars to the Dallas Zoo that enabled them to bring hippos back for viewing by the public and to build Highland Capital Lodge, a hippo habitat for educational displays and special events. He supports the Education for Freedom organization that helps at-risk youth who are planning on furthering their education after High School, and Capital for Kids. Capital for Kids gives investment management professionals the opportunity to assist kids of low income families in the Dallas-Ft. area by providing top level educational programs.

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JHSF- The Leader of Real Estate Organization in Brazil

JHSF is a renowned real estate organization in Brazil. The company has aggressively participated in commercial and residential incorporation, developing and administering shopping centers, prestigious hotels, and international airports. JHSF was established in 1972 and came to be known for its expertise in identifying opportunities in several regions. The company made a name for its innovation and sustainable solutions with regards to projects and developments. As the company continued to grow, it spread its wings to capitals like Salvador, Sao Paulo, Manaus, Punta del Este (in Uruguay), and New York (in USA).

The Growth of JHSF

In 1990, JHSF has been split into two firm with one, (JHSF Participações), dealing with real estate under FábioAuriemo, and the other, JHSJ, taken on other revenue generating affairs under José Roberto Auriemo. 11 year later, JHSF Participações, ventured into the business of shopping centers and developed the first shopping mall with a subway station in the country- Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz (São Paulo, Brazil). The company also acquired massive shares in Fasano Group’s hotels. In 2014, JHSF established the Catarina Fashion Outlet, one of the first outlets in Brazil’s luxury market.

JHSF’s Achievements

The company currently has four main business units namely: Incorporation, Shopping Center, Airport, and Fasano Hotel and Restaurants. Emulating the example of real estate markets abroad, JHSF proceeded to focus its business in recurring revenue. In the following years, the company has focused in implementing projects. This includes developing and administering luxury hotels, shopping malls, “Catarina Integrated Urban Development”, “Catarina Fashion Outlet”, and “Catarina Executive Airport”. In 2007, the JHSF3 became a public company and its shares are traded on Sao Paulo’s “Bovespa Stock Exchange” and more information click here.

About José AuriemoNeto

José AuriemoNeto is the chairman and CEO of JHSF. Apart from overseeing the interests of the company’s brand in hotels, office buildings, and public development, Neto administers the company’s retail and shopping portfolio which includes “CidadeJardim” shopping complex, MetrôTucuruv, Bela Vista and Ponta Negrashopping complex and JHSF’s lacrosse camp.

José AuriemoNeto is an alumnus of one of Sao Paulo’s recognized Universities, Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado (FAAP) . Neto first started working at JHSF in 1993. Four years later, he established Parkbem, the group’s services department which was a parking lot management company. Ever since, he has continued to take JHSF to greater heights with his talent, skills, and experience and learn more about JHSF.

How Eric Pulier Maintains his Success as an Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is an innovator. He is a published author, a sought after public speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. As a technologist Eric Pulier has made a career out of being at the right place at the right time in order to set himself up for success. Pulier’s work with the XPrize Foundation as well as vAtomic Systems has made him somebody worth paying attention to, and that is exactly what we are about to do.

Working as an entrepreneur can be a tough task. Getting into the right frame of mind is absolutely essential so it is important to have a game plan. Eric Pulier is meticulous in his approach to establishing a solid game plan to attack the day. Every single day begins after a solid night of rest so that he wakes up feeling refreshed. Upon waking up Pulier will tuck into a good and healthy breakfast before beginning to focus on his list of objectives. Being a list maker gives Pulier the ability to focus and really set his plans into motion. Entrepreneurs need to remember that they can’t be everything at once and a measured approach like this definitely helps.

Eric Pulier’s key to bringing ideas to reality is to focus on jotting down anything that inspires him. Thanks to modern technology he is always jotting notes down in his phone and keeping track of them. Ideas and inspiration can come at just about any time and he knows that he has to capture them. Still, just because he writes a concept down doesn’t mean that he is going to go all in on it. Pulier says, “Often I’ll let something sit for days” in order to let the concept grow and formulate.

Right now Eric Pulier is really excited and focused on the idea of gene modification. He is looking at genome editing tech like the CRISPR-Cas9 as something to pay attention to. He believes that gene editing can be a huge game changer for the entire human race, and isn’t that the goal of every entrepreneur? To be right on the edge of that innovation?

José Henrique Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil

The Brazilian advertisement industry is very competitive and more so when it comes to the provision of services to prominent and renowned businesses. Therefore, to stand out among the other advertising companies in industries require resilience, hard work, product and service differentiation among other strategies. José Henrique Borghi is among the few entrepreneurs with creative advertising platforms in Brazil. His Ad agency known as Mullen Lowe has helped many businesses to get their start in the Brazilian market. Mullen Lowe Brasil helped companies such as Mitsubishi, American Express, and Unilever to maneuver through the Brazilian market easily.

José Henrique Borghi admired for his creativity in the advertising and marketing industry. Being the Co-CEO of the company, he has always carried the flag of the company high. Borghi is highly talented, and he has played a significant role in creating and developing advertising campaigns for international companies such as Ikea, Mattel, Google, Western Union, and Johnson & Johnson. He is well known for offering sophisticated advertising strategies that have helped different businesses succeed. He has a very efficient team that is highly experienced.

About Mullen Lowe Brasil

Mullen Lowe Brasil is part of Mullen Lowe Group, one of the massive advertising agencies in Sao Paulo. The company was formed when Mullen US and Borghi Lowe formed a partnership in 2015 to create the advertising agency Mullen Lowe Group.

The Brazilian branch was named Mullen Lowe Brasil. With the help of Borghi, the company has had a tremendous growth in the last few years. José Henrique Borghi is tasked with ensuring that the company’s digital marketing, public relations, mobile marketing, and social media are active. He also oversees and interprets the performance analytics of the enterprise. Borghi is a core pillar of the business, and he is still on course to take the company to a whole new level.

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About Anthony Petrello the CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello attended the Yale University where he got his bachelors and masters degrees in Mathematics. He also attended Harvard Law School for his Juris Doctor degree. He worked at the Baker and McKenzie law firm between 1979 and 1991. He worked at the firm’s New York Office as managing partner for five years before he resigned to join Nabors Industries.

Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as the company’s president and chief operating officer. After working as president and COO for 10 years, he became the company’s CEO. In his various positions at Nabors, Anthony has played a significant part in the growth of the company.

Since 2012, Nabors Industries has had Anthony Petrello as the chair of its board. He was the deputy chairman between 2003 and 2012. Anthony has been a director in several companies including Nabors Industries,, Texas Children’s Hospital and Stewart & Stevenson. He has interests elsewhere too especially investments. Some of which are inspired by his daughter.

Anthony Petrello’s daughter has cerebral palsy resulting from Periventricular leukomalacia. The condition is caused by inadequate supply of blood or oxygen to the brain during birth. It results in slow development in children. Anthony and his wife Cynthia have been working tirelessly to help their daughter. Their efforts have not been in vain because Carena is making significant progress. Cynthia said that they have learned a lot from their daughter’s condition. They also receive support from family and friends. Click here to know more.

Anthony is also a philanthropist. He is especially interested in children’s health. The Petrello’s offered the Texas Children’s Hospital $7 million. The donation was to fund further research at the hospital’s neurological research center. Anthony Petrello and his wife hope that through such research, Carena and other children like her can become better and enjoy living normally.

Why Mike Baur Transitioned to Startup Factory

Mike is a Swiss entrepreneur and the co-founder of Swiss startup factory. Mike earned an MBA from the University of Rochester and later an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. He was able to transit from the banking field where he had over 20 years working in the Swiss private banking. Although Mike was able to rise from commercial apprentice to a member of the executive board, he quit to start up his business. In December 2016, the Wall Street Journal published Mike’s profile showing his transition from banking, entrepreneurship and later investment.

In 2014, Mike teamed up with two of his partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister and founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The factory is independent and privately financed. Swiss startup is the first startup business in Switzerland which was able to support its function in such an early stage. Mike started the firm with a focus on making changes to the common products in the market by coming up with other business models which will provide customers with more satisfying products. Mike is responsible for financing and fundraising rounds of the firm. He is the pillar of the business ensuring that it is financially stable all the time. The firm has a three-month program which provides the best platform for services like financial advising, mentoring, entrepreneur networks and office space training.

Swiss factory partnered CTI electing Mike as the deputy managing director in the investment in 2016. The Company was also in cooperation with Goldback Group, and Mike took the responsibilities of leading the Swiss Factory through its accelerator program. Mike also participated in the partnership of Swiss startup with Fintech Fusion. He has been committed to all activities in the firm. According to Mike, the firm has been able to work together with other companies as it is independent without any politics or stakeholders limiting its work.

Mike has been in forefront supporting and mentoring youth entrepreneurs in their startup investments. According to Mike, one has to execute their potentials by working hard, and that is the reason their firm is called a factory. He advises the young startups to make sure they work together and ensure professionalism in their enterprises. Mike says that all the people can succeed despite the level as he has witnessed individuals in the banking sectors start from scratch and later prospered in their investments.

U.S. Money Reserve Releases New eBook About Protecting Wealth From Risks

The U.S. Money Reserve released an eBook a few weeks ago. The book is called ‘2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money’ and it comes alongside Gold American Eagle Coins, which do cost money to buy. The report can be downloaded online, and it is aimed at Americans. It was written to help Americans become more educated about hedging against economic risks, as well as how to protect their money by owning gold.

Glassdoor revealed that the U.S. Money Reserve is offering the Gold American Eagle Coins at an affordable price because they realize that there are global threats and trade wars looming daily. The company is expecting to sell all of the coins.

Philip Diehl, who is the president of the company, said that the safe-haven asset of the world was and is still gold. He added that this is why gold prices tend to surge when there is economic uncertainty on the rise. He said gold isn’t that vulnerable and it’s tangible. This is why gold is a great tool to use to protect savings from potential loss and global risk.

About The U.S. Money Reserve

The company was founded over 10 years ago, back in 2001. Since then, the U.S. Money Reserve has become one of the largest private distributors of gold, both foreign and U.S.. They also distributor platinum products and silver. The mint director of the company is Philip N. Diehl.

Throughout the years, U.S. Money Reserve has helped people choose the right metals to buy, including gold. The company has played a role in helping many people turn a profit due to the purchases they made. In fact, they have helped thousands upon thousands of people decide on what type of gold and silver and platinum they should purchase. To date, the company has served over 300,000 customers.

For those who are interested in buying gold or other types of precious metals can call U.S. Money Reserve or send them an email. The company has a professionally trained staff that can provide you with advice and direct you to the products they believe you should buy.

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Don Ressler’s Brands Have Flourished With New Options

Don Ressler is constantly working to try and make sure that he can help people who are in different situations. He does a lot with the brands that he owns and he is very involved in the way that they are able to do things. Because of this, he is constantly working to make changes and bring new things to the brands that he already has under TechStyle on This is something that has not changed from the beginning and something that has made things better for the people who are shopping the brands as well as those who run the companies that the brand has underneath it.

From the beginning, Don Ressler has done what he can to make sure that people are getting exactly what they need with the brands that they have. He wants to make JustFab, TechStyle, Intermix and Intelligent Beauty the best brands on the market. While Fabletics is already dominating the clothing market and has just passed Amazon as the top seller of clothing in the private retail market on Don Ressler knows the right way to be able to do things and how to help people get what they need out of the different things that are going on in the world of fashion.

Read more: Don Ressler Is Part Of The Incredible Success Of JustFab And Fabletics

All of the TechStyle brands are focused on making things better for the customers. They are all related to fashion and beauty and this has set the company apart from many of the other companies that are on the market at TechStyle knows that the right companies have products that people want. They also know that there is a lot of power in the reverse showroom market and that people will be more likely to purchase when they have fewer options to choose from no matter what they are trying to find while they are shopping.

Don Ressler is hoping that the brands continue to grow. By positioning his company in Silicon Valley, he has set it up for success on the tech side of the brand. He is hoping that doing this will make things easier for him to get the experiences that he wants. He also wants to try new things that will help the brand succeed so that there will be new opportunities for everyone to enjoy the options that TechStyle has to offer. Don Ressler is going to be there to add even more options like he has in the past.