The Career And Foresite Of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua has built a reputation as one of the highest ranking names in direct sales. For the last ten years he has placed his focus on everyday products including coffee and tea.

He has introduced a popular Asian product called Ganoderma to the United States and world markets. He has been active in two successful companies, Organo Gold and Gano Excel.

Bernardo Chua grew up in the Philippines where he was affectionately referred to as Bernie. His Chinese heritage taught him about Ganoderma when he was a young man.

Polypore mushrooms grow on logs and wood all over the world and China and Asian countries have regarded them extremely highly for numerous centuries. Mr. Chua was the first individual to find a way to successfully market the herb outside of the region with the use of teas and coffees.

Bernardo Chua realized how many direct sales benefits were possible while he set up his business model. This enabled him to help his business in the Philippines grow quickly and provided the spark the industry needed for the company to become global. He has become one of the top businessmen in the Pacific Rim and received numerous honors and awards in his career.

This included the notable Dangal ng Bayan Award he received for Business and Industry. The award was received in 2014 from the National Consumers Quality Awards and the Annual People’s Choice. His company has received recognition from the National Shoppers Choice as the best in the category of direct sales in the section for food supplements.

He has received the honor of the award for the Direct Sales Company of the Year five different times. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Once Oregano Gold became well established, Bernado Chua began spending more time and effort on the refinement of his business. He works in close proximity with the very best organic Ganoderma producers throughout the world.

This is what gives him the ability to provide high quality products without an expensive price tag. He funds Ganoderma related research to give Organo Gold an edge against the competition and find the new breakthroughs.

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