In and Out like Cassio Audio.

The musical career of young Cassio Audio left the would in the kind of suspense that movie directors crave to achieve. He, at the height of the world’s appreciation for rock music, dominated almost all genres of rock with his drum set and mad skills. Together with his band mates, the Viper Band, the youthful musician had taken all the attention that Asia, Europe, and America had to offer for popular artists. Then, just like it had begun, abruptly, Cassio’s musical career ended. The world’s expectations for a remarkable musical career that would endure through the years were disappointed. For the young man, the exit was neither a tragedy nor a forced fall-out from the band. He had simply outgrown it and wanted to go to campus like other kids.
Cassio Audio is the proud holder of both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Business Administration. The accomplished banker has been to two universities namely Saulo Paulo University and Pontifical University. Before he achieved these two-lifetime milestones, Mr. Cassio had been a childhood musical sensation who mainly played the drum set along with other musical instruments. He was one of the four members of the Viper Band. The other members were Yves Passarel, Pit Passarel, and Andre Machado.
The band had a firm grasp in almost all the genres of rock at the time. At the ages of 13 and 14 years, the young band raised amusement in the world. People wondered how the talented bunch could be so good as to surpass numerous far-much experienced bands in skill and prowess. The multi-talented kids, however, always attributed their popularity to their mastery in different musical instruments including voice.
When they released their first album, a new British rock genre made an entry into the many genres of rock. The genre, Iron Maiden, heavily influenced Viper Band’s style in the composition and production of ‘The Release of The Soldiers of The Sun.’ The album featured some single hits that topped most of the world’s charts. The most popular single hits were:
• Killera
• the Princes From Hell
• Signs of the Night
• and Nightmares
It was after the release of Viper band’s second album that Cassio Audio took a permanent sabbatical. The album was titled, ‘Theatre of Fate.’ The album led the young band to supersede popular bands such as Van Halen and Nirvana in the eyes of the world.

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