Nine9 Brings Stars out of the Woodwork!

Do you have talent that is being unheard? Well get ready for that all to change! With Nine9 at your disposal, they will make sure your talents are seen. Nine9 has worked with tremendous people of all sorts, including musicians, actors and talent all over the world. Used as a jump-start for some peoples careers, Nine9 has the ability to get your name out there by landing you auditions in the entertainment industry.

Many people that have used Nine9 to showcase their talents have had wonderful experiences worth talking about. Those have found access to photo-shoots, auditions, and have even found spots in commercials! Not just individuals seeking to spark up their career’s benefit from what Nine9 has to offer. Casting directors and talent scouts from all over can use this website to help them find people that can be turned into stars and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

Nine9 instructors know how to coach and show students the inner workings of the industry, to help them become successful in their auditioning process. Nine9 broadcasts some of their talented students photos, admiring the outcome and showing what they have to offer. The “Unagency” then goes on to give tips on how to approach one of their photo-shoots, such as what to wear, and how to speak etc. As well as what to and what not too worry about when preparing for the shoot. Lastly, things you may or may not want to accompany with you on arrival. Making sure you’re prepared and on time for a scheduled event is also an important subject involving a Nine9 photoshoot and more information click here.

Founder and CEO of Nine9, Anthony Toma gives his reasoning on why he created the business, and it was to aspire people to ‘live out their dreams’. Giving them a platform to do that is important to Anthony. The name Nine9 stands for the ninety nine percent of people who assume that they don’t have a shot making it in the entertainment industry. All though Nine9 isn’t a miracle worker, Anthony believes if you put in the time and effort, you will succeed. To apply go to

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