Teachings about Life by Eric Pulier

Some people were born to help other people. Many may pass unnoticed while some get recognized for their services to the society. This is the life that Eric Pulier has lived since he was a small boy. Driven by the desire to make the world a better place, Eric Pulier has gone on to establish many ventures that help him achieve his dreams. Today, Eric Pulier can be referred to using many titles. He can be referred to as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, technologist and published author. Eric Pulier is also a columnist and a public speaker.


Eric Pulier currently resides in Los Angeles with his four children. Other than the titles that make him money, he has donated some time and resources to the Painted Turtle Foundation and XPRIZE Foundation. The first foundation aims at helping children suffering from chronic illnesses while the second one is a foundation that funds promising ideas in the United States. Since he finished school, Eric Pulier has been involved in the foundation of more than 15 companies that include Media Platform, Digital Evolution, Desktone, SericeMesh and US Interactive. Other firms that he has had a hand in include Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council among others.


Eric Pulier says that he tries to get solid rest at night so that he can have productive days. He, however, says that this is a difficult task owing that there are four kids in the house. To plan for his day, he wakes up early and tries to read before the children wake up. Eric Pulier gets his ideas from writing keywords of every good idea that crosses his mind. He says that if he fails to write down the thought, it might take him a long time to encounter such idea again. Eric has been fascinated by the developments in technology, especially concerning genome editing. Critical thinking is one trend that keeps Eric Pulier innovative and engaged.


Asked if he has something to regret, Eric Pulier says that he is contented with his life and that he has learned from every mistake. He, however, feels that he has been let down by some evil people who pretended to be his friends.

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