Rona Borre Shows How To Run a Company

 When Rona Borre started Instant Alliance in 2001, no one knew that it would become the darling of Chicago. Today the staffing and recruiting company is one of the fastest growing companies in America regarding billing and is a showplace of how to build and run an organization.

Borre, who was formerly with one of the world’s largest staffing and recruiting firms where she reset all of the company’s sales records, stepped out on her own in 2001, beginning in a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo.  Know Borre more, click on

Borre saw that a critical ingredient was missing with most staffing companies and that ingredient is the relationship between the staffing company and its clients. That is why Borre and her staff spend a great deal of time with the client finding out just what kind of employee will fit the culture of the hiring company.

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The evidence is clear because since 2001 there has only been a turnover of 1% of all the hires from Instant Alliance and the company has achieved a 3 to 1 ratio of interviews to hire new employees.

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