Todd Lubar Is Now One Of The Biggest Players In Property Development

To survive in the real estate sector, one has to possess entrepreneurial traits, drive, and person. Let us discuss some of the most successful businessmen in the real estate sector today.

Arthur Becker is the top manager at Madison Partners, LLC. The firm concentrates in sectors of the economy such as property development. Arthur is also a member of the management team of Bio-Tech Ventures.

Beckers once served as the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, LLC. Before his stint at Zinio, Arthur Becker had worked as the CEO of NaviSite. NaviSite is listed on the NASDAQ. The company specializes in providing internet access solutions. Arthur has also had the privilege of working with the Vera Wang enterprise.

Speaking to Ideasmench, Arthur Becker attributed his entrepreneurial success to a balance between passion and personal drive with a well-thought plan. Startups present a host of new challenges that require a critical mind that works with an individual drive. The businessman has tried his hand in several ventures and in each venture he has sought to avoid wrong decisions made in the previous one.

Another success story in the property development market is the property development expert Todd Lubar. Todd made an entry into the industry in the year 1995. He derived satisfaction in helping people acquire residential and commercial houses. This trait made him resolve to settle on property development and finance as his career. Earlier in his career, he spent time building relationships with the sector’s leaders, agents, and financials.

In the wake of the new millennial, he secured an equity position with the lender, Legacy Financial Group, affording himself an avenue to access funds. In the year 2002, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Properties, LLC.

Legendary Properties, LLC has been able to propel him to success. The company specializes in purchase and rehabilitation of urban residences ranging from single family houses to mixed establishments.

His clientele has grown steadily, and his good working relationship with lenders has enabled him to secure a reliable line of credit with banks. With a real market and access to funds, Todd Lubar’s property development business can only keep growing.

Equities First Holdings, The Pioneer Of Stock-based Loans.

Equities First Holdings is a worldwide creditor and a leader in alternate stakeholder financing solutions. It offers commercial and non-financial solutions to companies and individual investors alike. They provide risk evaluation and take stocks, bonds, and treasuries as the guarantee. They also give non-financial solutions to individuals with high net-worth.

The company is seeing people transitioning from the conventional borrowing system to margin and stock-based loans. The pull is because the conventional way of borrowing which involves banks and other financial institutions have raised their lending criteria.

EFH sees a new brilliant way to attract individuals who need to raise capital quickly and don’t meet the qualifications of conventional ways. They have done so by allowing a borrower to use his/her stocks as collateral for the loan.

People think of stock-based loans and margin loans as identical, but this isn’t the case. When applying for a margin loan, the borrower must be pre-qualified and may require the money for an unambiguous purpose. Furthermore, the financial institution may liquidate the debtors’ assets at any time without warning during a marginal call.

Compared to stock-based loans, marginal loans have a lower loan-to-value ratio. The interest rate of stock-based loans is fixed and small. It can also be used for any purpose the borrower wishes. The most brilliant aspect of stock-based loans is that they are non-recourse. It means that the debtor can walk away without any duty at any time, albeit the stock value has fallen. Equities First at LinkedIn .

According to Al Christy Jr., the CEO of EFH, stock-based loans have traditionally been ignored due to the huge number of dishonest lenders. They have failed to return bonds upon maturity, cast off borrowers’ shares into the open market and failed to address other issues. However, Equities First Holdings is built on the principles of honesty and transparency. They also seek the advice of trading, regulatory and legal institutions.

There are many investors whose businesses fail to take off due to lack of capital. EFH is the solution for them since it’s efficient and quick. They offer margin stock-based loans like no other institution as their process of qualification is simple. As long as the debtor has sufficient shares to put up collateral, then he/she qualifies for a loan. The company also has over a decade’s worth of experience and has served thousands of clienteles. for more.

EOS: Down to Earth but Still out of This World

EOS lip balm is one of the fastest growing products in the world right now, and people are amazed by it. Suddenly, around 2013, it started showing up all over the place. Now, some of the top celebrities proudly wear the various tasty flavors on their lips and indirectly encourage their fans to buy it. What made EOS so fabulous so fast? The co-founder of the company revealed a few of the company’s strategies, and Kline did a little research on it. Here’s what they revealed:

Pleasure Makes Sense

EOS took a huge step away from what was normal for lip balm and created a brand new style. The product that they created looked good felt good and tasted good. The manufacturer managed to hit three major areas in which traditional lip balm was lacking. The company capitalized off the dryness and drabness of the old-school cylinder lip balm containers by taking it to a whole new level.

Social Media Coolness Pays Off

EOS keeps up with its social media profiles and stays in touch with its consumers. Keeping a down-to-earth online presence creates loyal customers and people who are willing to offer referrals and promotions. The company currently has more than 7 million Facebook fans and followers. Each of those followers could potentially bring hundreds of people on board. Perhaps that’s why EOS has racked up $250 million in such a short period.

Uniqueness Wins the War

EOS proved that being different is good when it comes to winning the favor of consumers. Its orb-shaped containers and wild flavors available on Walmart are favorites among all kinds of people. EOS is currently number two on the top seller’s list for lip balm. It’s highly likely that the company’s profits will increase as it comes out with additional products. Visit for more information.

ClassDojo Helps Schools Ensure Child Success

ClassDojo is an incredible program that was created to ensure that people who are sending their children to school may speak to their teachers. This article explains how parents and teachers may come together to talk about each child. There are many different people who may use this system, and it is quite important that someone may reach out to a teach when they cannot come to the school.

#1: The Schools Have The Program

The schools are using the program in their buildings every day, and they will schedule parents who wish to speak to teachers. The teachers may reach out to parents through the system, and they will speak to parents over a video link. The video link is used to ensure the parents may see the teacher, and they will find it easy to carry on a conversation about the student at any time they like. The parents could be anywhere, and they may speak to the parents about their child.

#2: Children Benefit

Children will find it quite a lot of easier to learn when their parents and teachers are on the same page. They will talk this over many times, and they may have a conversation about how it works to serve each child. Serving the child is easier because their needs may be met in the next class.

#3: The Teachers Move Through Conferences Quickly

Conferences with parents on ClassDojo will not last all that long, and they may move on to the next conference. There are many different people who will find it simple to place their calls to the school, and they will create a conference that both parties may get through quickly. Learn more about the App, follow

#4: The System Is Fast

The ClassDojo system is quite fast, and there are many people who will get into the system faster than other video conferences. The conferences are created by the company quickly, and they will find it simple to go on any computer or phone. They may download the app, and they will notice they are speaking in real-time without any hiccups or interruptions in service.

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The teachers and parents who are speaking over the line at ClassDojo will work out something that serves students. The kids will benefit because they have a support system that is helpful, and they will notice their parents and teachers are learning ways to help them succeed in class every day.  Source:

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Sujit Choudhry’s Contribution to Constitutional Development Across the Globe

Sujit Choudhry, who is a comparative constitutional law authority recognized internationally. He also works at the University of California as the Professor of law. He is the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, where he also serves as the Director. He recently gave an interview to ideamensch about his professional career in comparative constitutional law.

When asked about the idea that led to the formation of his organization, he explained that the complex process of designing and constitutional transition requires a vast amount of knowledge. This knowledge could be non-existent or outdated. He said that an organization like the Center for Constitutional Transitions tried to identify these critical issues and generates knowledge by assembling and leading experts around the world.

On the question relating to how he spends his day, Sujit Choudhry said he begins his day by reading all current online sources to be updated on current issues. He goes through his emails to oversee any projects he is involved with and try to write and read a few hours a day.  Read some of his blogs, follow him on

He said that most of their ideas come from identifying any critical constitutional issue that is facing a country, and where the knowledge required to solve this issue is non-existent or incomplete. They consult other experts and use real-life examples to bring their ideas to life.

When asked about the level of success, he mentioned that listening and talking to people on the ground has played a crucial part as they are the ones who know what’s going on and what they need.   More on his page.

Sujit Choudhry attended the University of Oxford, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Law degree in 1994. Based on,  he joined the University of Toronto and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1996. He enrolled in a master’s program at the Harvard Law School, where he graduated with a Master of Laws in 1998.

He has served as a law professor and as a member of the academic board in several universities. In 2012, he founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions which is a platform that generates constitutional knowledge by mobilizing and leading law experts across the globe, check He is currently serving as I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California, School of Law, Berkeley.  Try clicking this.

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Sujit Choudhry; The Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions

When asked about the inspiration for his organizations, Sujit Choudhry opined that his idea is as a result of the experiences he has had while working as a constitutional advisor in emerging democracies.

A normal day for Choudhry starts with a read from variable online sources citing amendments to existing constitutions and new ones from emerging democracies. He then goes through his emails before embarking on writing for a couple of hours. Sujit also dedicates his day to reading the most recent research done for several hours.

Sujit Choudhry states that they normally spend time conversing with policy partners to establish problems necessary for several nations, in particular regions where the available information is outmoded, incomplete or non-existent. This is simply how they bring their ideas to light.

Sujit went on to say that the internet has made it possible for people to learn about constitutional law, which was only a reserve of experts not so long ago. He expounds on the matter saying that more information needs to be availed on-line so that people may internalise the ideologies and benefit from it.

Sujit Choudhry Background History

Sujit Choudhry has previously served as the Cecelia Goetz law professor at New York University, and has held the position of the Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto. Based on, He is the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions and the I.Michael Heyman law professor for the University of California in Berkley – School of Law, where he takes up the role of Dean.

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Choudhry is renowned world over as an internationally recognized scholar of politics and comparative constitutional law, check on  He conducts research on a myriad of matters in politics and comparative constitutional law. This stretches to include crafting a constitution that oversees the transformation from a violent conflict driven society to a peaceful democratic government whose principles are founded on free and fair politics.  Follow Choudhry on

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ClassDojo Comes To Thousands Of Schools And Raises $30 Million

ClassDojo has been making classroom activities both more fun and more educational. On the surface this app doesn’t appear to have much to it, but like several other apps having a simple user interface has perhaps been why it’s become the phenomena it has. Teachers can share student activities through photos and messages posted to student stories which is similar to Facebook’s profile walls. Parents love being able to see what their children have been doing during class and many of them are finding their children become more open about their learning abilities. But parents can constantly communicate with teachers about how their children are progressing and many schools no longer need parent-teacher meetings as a result.

Sam Chaudhary and his friend Liam Don started this app in 2010. They wanted to build an app that wasn’t as much driven by money as it was changing people’s lives. Education was a field they felt had little attention and could do better if given a little help. They started asking various teachers what they would like to see in a classroom social media app, and after combining those ideas with their own entrepreneurship they launched ClassDojo. The app was originally just a point reward system for teachers, but as they saw how interactive they could be they started adding more features to the platform.  Read full story on

One very exciting part of ClassDojo has been its student growth videos. These videos have little animated characters who have problems learning certain subjects, but after changing how they learn them they’re able to get homework and tests completed much easier. The videos have helped young students stretch and grow their learning abilities. More videos are expected to be released as part of ClassDojo’s new freemium content package plan.  Related articles here.

ClassDojo has been spreading from school to school simply through teachers telling others about it. The app can be found on the Apple app store or Google Play and doesn’t need administrators to approve its download. ClassDojo has been saving on marketing costs thanks to their word-of-mouth marketing method. So far Chaudhary and Don have received $30 million in capital funding for the app and most of that money has gone into security and privacy.  While the freemium content will be part of their plan to give investors returns, there has been no pressure to hurry on that. They’ve maintained a commitment to listening to user ideas and staying true to their original vision.  More of their ideas on their page.

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Tony Petrello: Successful Businessman And Philanthropist

Anyone in the industry knows about Anthony Petrello. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, which was founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy. Anthony Petrello was hired in the year of 1991 to become Deputy Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer at Nabors.

He had previously worked at New York Office of the law firm Baker & McKenzie. He was there from 1986 until 1991, when he went over to Nabors.

After Anthony Petrello came into the scene, the company started doing better than it ever did before. In the year 1992, just a year after he came, Nabors earned forty four million dollars. A few years later, Nabors got moved to S&P 500 Index of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States. This was all after Anthony Petrello put his skills to work. There was an entire article in The Daily Beast written by a former roommate of Anthony. He said he was jealous that his former roommate become so successful.

He made it to the top paid bosses list of Forbes. In 1997, Anthony and his wife Cynthia Petrello has a baby girl at the Houston Women’s Hospital. The baby had VL (periventricular leukomalacia). It is a condition that is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. She developed cerebral palsy. This lead to Anthony starting to look at areas of his life. He decided to start donating to charity to help children born with neurological diseases. He found some allies, including Dan Duncan, and he donated a lot of money to Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

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The Appealing Andrea McWilliams

The lobbyist and political fundraiser known as Andrea McWiliiams a indeed a person of intrigue. Not only is she an effective strategist, Andrea McWilliams is someone that pays razor sharp attention to detail. In addition, Andrea McWilliams brings a unique outlook to every issue she confronts. Andrea McWilliams is someone who has worked diligently around the clock for the people.

She is also a starlet in the national news media and has been featured on several shows such as FOX News, CNN, and so forth. In addition, Andrea has had reoccurring appearances on several other shows. Andrea McWilliams is a political commentator who has been recognized by her state as an authoritative figure. The state of Texas considers her to be a powerful person. In addition, McWilliams was the only lobbyist who was featured with several highly profiled people in Texas Monthly’s “POWER” feature. This included the Governor.

By the age of 21, McWilliams was already the Chief Of Staff. Today, she is the co–founder of McWilliams. McWilliams is a full–service firm of responsible for consultations with the government. All around, McWilliams is trusted throughout Texas. In addition, McWilliams is actively involved in her community. On numerous occasions, Andrea McWilliams has dabbled in philanthropy. Year after year, Andrea McWilliams has tirelessly served her community. She has used her influence to reshape multiple communities. As a result, Andrea McWilliams has made several donations.

In addition, McWilliams is a proud recipient and nominee of several awards for her hard work and dedication. Evidently, it did not co unnoticed. This is true. Andrea McWilliams has also received an award for being a woman of distinction. Several years ago, Andrea received an award due to being young and successful. In fact, she was awarded by a Statesman for her outstanding contributions.


Tidal Gets a Boost from Desiree Perez

The music industry is very interesting. So many people have taken to this type of environment because it allows them to get all the music that they would like without actually having to load music to a phone or a flash drive. This has become very much the norm for music lovers. Jay-Z recognized early that this would happen and that is why he made the effort to acquire Tidal.

In time he would realize that this was a difficult business to navigate even though he was in the music business for decades. He would utilize Desiree Perez to help him take his music streaming company to a wider audience. Desiree Perez had never been in the music streaming industry, but she had a knack for running businesses and negotiating contracts. She would be taken into the Jay-Z circle of influence and her skills in crunching numbers would be utilized for many different things that could help Tidal. Hit this related link

Desiree Perez has inched up in the business world over the years as a producer of the “On the Run” concert tour special for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, check She has also moved into a place where she has been able to help Jay-Z get exclusive content from artists. She has done a lot of things over the years and her influence has been very great.

Desiree Perez has been able to transition from a regular business woman into someone that has become well-known in the celebrity circle of Tidal. There are already a lot of celebrities that are connected to this music streaming service. She has definitely changed the way that people look at the music streaming in the street. This has become a very interesting piece of the Tidal puzzle. It has become a very interesting part of the music streaming industry. Get to know her activities, click on