Securus Technologies Intercepts Important Information For Crime Prevention

One pioneering telephone company is fighting crime. The fight crime by arming police officers with the most relevant information possible. It might seem crazy that a telephone company can prevent crime, but it is true. Securus Technologies, a company well regarded by police officers, is the crime-fighting telephone company.


This superhero telephone company does it by intercepting information passing through their telephone lines. Their telephone lines are only there to serve prisons and jails across the country. They become the telephone provider for a particular prison or jail by securing government contracts. These contracts are exclusive. They allow Securus Technologies to take over every aspect of particular prison facility’s telecommunications.


Some prison telephone companies do not fight crime. They just sit there as a middleman between the prisoner and their families. Since the prisoner must use their services, some of these companies charge astronomical rates. Essentially, they are profiting off of love and doing nothing to give back.


But our superhero telephone company — Securus Technologies — treats prisoners well. They charge a reasonable rate, offer crystal-clear call quality and run the biggest customer service wing in the industry. Now, we might disagree on whether or not we should treat prisoners so well, but I think we can all agree on the merits of Securus Technologies helping police officers.


Securus Technologies intercepts every single phone call a prisoner makes. Those phone calls are run through a computer which records every single second. That computer contains quite a bit of information that is nearly impossible to search without a new software innovation. The software empowers law enforcement to search the database precisely for information the need to prevent crimes.


In the end, Securus Technologies needs to be getting more government contracts. They are ethically run and they innovate to help keep us all safer.


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