Equity First Holdings-What You Need To Know To Get an Unsecured Loan

Equities First Holding an establishment founded in 2002 is one of the pioneer organizations that offer loans against someone’s stock shares. With a presence in nine countries worldwide this company has a portfolio of over 700 transactions. They are popular for always providing fast solutions for those in need of working capital.

Recent economic times have rendered most business people and firms helpless on getting capital to start or expand their businesses. Equities First Holdings have offered a unique solution to such problems where they offer stock-based loans to such individuals who can provide collateral through their stock.Read Equities First News Here .

Their specialty of giving stock-based loans comes in very simple steps;

  1. Contact Equities First Holding with details of the funding you need and the collateral you can offer.
  2. A team then evaluates your application, and if there is a right solution for the applicant is found, a determination of the loan terms and the fixed interest rate is done.
  3. An agreement is then signed, and collateral is transferred to the firm’s custodian account.
  4. Funds are then transferred simultaneously with the collateral transfer.
  5. Payment of the principal funding is then done by the applicant and once done the collateral offered is transferred back to them.

Advantages of Equities First Holdings

  1. Once a solution is found, their response time is very timely usually within five to seven business days.
  2. They offer competitive low-interest rates usually between 3-4% to their investors.
  3. They offer guaranteed security for the borrower by using reputable legal and accounting entities to execute their transactions.
  4. A borrower has more flexibility to do what they want with the loans applied with no restrictions from Equities First Holdings.
  5. At maturity of the loan term, if any appreciation occurs to the collateral, the borrower gets 00% of it.

http://www.equitiesfirst.com for more.

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