Keeping a Balance According to A Experienced Entrepreneur

There are many ways to succeed at business and life, but there are certain things you have to take in account if you want to do this. In a recent podcast Josh Verne was asked what he thought what was important to succeed at business. His answers were simple yet profound. Here are the five key points that he revealed.


You first have to find your passion in life. Without this, life would be a lot more miserable, especially considering how much time a day you spend doing it. If you are running a business act as a leader would act. That means listening to your employees concerns and ideas. A true leader puts his people first and isn’t completely selfish and consumed with their own priorities. This means making every project or situation a win-win for everyone. That’s how a business thrives, when everyone gets to succeed. With all this business talk it is important to be balanced. If you are not, then you will get burnt out. That means you will less likely succeed. Being balanced with life and work make life more pleasurable.


Josh Verne has been in the entrepreneur business for over 20 years. His vast experience has made him an excellent businessman in his field. He founded and is CEO of with his childhood friend Jon Dorfman. is a marketing company where students can interact with other students. They can write, read, and watch videos about anything and everything including current events and such.


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