ClassDojo: Creating Community


ClassDojo is an online resource that can be used within the classroom. It is a type of communication platform that helps connect teachers to their students and their students parents. ClassDojo works to create a stronger sense of community within the classroom. The program allows teachers to add skill points to each of their students based on what they see in the classroom or through their learning.  Additional posts on


The program creates a positive culture within classrooms and schools. Teachers are able to encourage their students for exhibiting multiple skills and values. These can include rewarding students for participation, for working hard or for playing nice with others. Students are able to create a stronger sense of community with their peers by uploading and sharing pictures of their own learning progress. Parents are able to access ClassDojo as well, and this helps get parents more involved with their children’s learning by sharing pictures of the classroom having fun and learning.  Be sure to click this.


According to, each student is able to grow his or hers own portfolio. Developing it by adding more skill and value sets and by adding pictures. Parents can translate messages into any language depending on their preference, allowing ClassDojo to become multilingual. The program also allows parents and teachers to use instant messages, making communication about their students to become all the more easier.


ClassDojo isn’t only for teachers, students and parents. Principals and school leaders are also able to participate within the program. This helps to create an even greater since of community within a school system, and create change from the ground up.

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