Copa Star: The New and Luxurious Hospital in Town

No one expected that the hospitals would be luxurious with fancy and elegant decorations. But, the recent designs are telling a different story. The new hospital in Rio de Janeiro is nothing less than luxurious. The hospital was inaugurated in October 2016, and so far it has received positive reviews.

Rede D’Or Sao Luz owns the hospital, and the infrastructure is similar to a five-star hotel. It follows the standard architectural design that is seen in all the hospitals owned by D’Or. The seven-story hospital stands in a 21,000 sq.ft. It houses 155 patient suites, 59 Intensive Care Units, and nine operating rooms.

The Copa Star has introduced new form treatment in the field of medicine. They are using robotics in the operating rooms. They have hybrid rooms fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. What you will notice when you walk in the hospital, you will notice the lobby that features plush sofas, a grand piano and elegant artwork from Yutaka Toyota. They have also included a restaurant with different cuisines.

The hospital has been built with an architectural design that will provide natural lighting. This main reason for the design was to provide warmth and enough illumination. Rede D’Or has invested R$ 400 million towards the construction of the hospital. The goal of the hospital is to be the best in the field of neurosurgery and cardiology in the State.

The hospital has made use of the latest technology to improve the treatment services for the patients. They have included iPads in the patient rooms, and they are installed with an app designed specifically for the hospital. The patients can use the iPads to control the functions of the rooms like the lighting. The doctors can also use the iPads to communicate with the patients.

The other improvement has been made in the ICU units. They have added features that are going to enhance the appearance of the rooms. The installation of the big screens in the rooms provides the patients with entertainment as they display real images of the surrounding environment. They use the cameras installed in the buildings.

The hospital has a capacity of 550 employees, and 113 of them are doctors. The team caters to the needs of the patients. The nurses undergo a training of two months with different tests. They are equipped with the knowledge of handling the different situations that present themselves daily. They are also taught how to manage the different types of patients.

Rede D’Or has also opened an Institute of Research and Education, inaugurated in 2010. The primary objective of the institute is to promote advancement in both scientific and technological fields.

Rede D’Or announced that they have plans to build a similar hospital in main centers in the State of Brazil.

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