FreedomPop Sets the Bar for Mobile Carriers

When the economy is slow and money gets a little tight the first thing that people look to save on is their cell phone bill. Unfortunately most mobile carriers have restrictive contracts and bloated sign up deals that make this nearly impossible. Fortunately a company has risen out of the shadows to become one of the biggest ‘alternative’ mobile carriers on the marketplace: FreedomPop. If you spend even a moment or two on the search engines then you’ll likely find a glowing FreedomPop review or two. Are these accurate? Well, we’re glad that you asked.


FreedomPop comes, essentially, in two or three tiers of service. At the bottom you’ll find that FreedomPop offers a completely free phone plan to all subscribers. There are no contracts, no hidden fees, and no activation costs. The free phone plan offers 500 MB of mobile 4G data, unlimited texting, and 200 minutes of voice. This phone plan can be had for no cost to you at all with your only concern being potential dings for going over your listed amount. However, if you want a little more out of your service then there are upgrades.


CEO Stephen Stokols wanted FreedomPop to be something of a digital buffet for subscribers to partake in. That is why Stokols has gotten FreedomPop to offer up their Pro and Premium services. The Premium service offers up to 2 GB of mobile 4G data, along with unlimited talk and text, for only $19.99 per month. That’s pretty cheap, especially compared to similar plans with prolonged contracts. FreedomPop has also pushed the buffet idea by creating alternative services like their $5 monthly WiFi hotspot accessibility. For the price of a good cup of coffee you’ll have access to millions of FreedomPop WiFi hotspots all over the country. If you travel a lot or live in a big city then this alone could be worth the money. Imagine living near one of these hotspots, you’d save money right thereon your wireless internet bill.


FreedomPop is still establishing themselves in the hardware market but thanks to a partnership with Sprint the company has already come quite a long way. If you have Sprint compatible devices you can use them directly with FreedomPop. Otherwise FreedomPop offers a full bodied array of mobile phones which include refurbished name brand devices as well as FreedomPop brand devices of their own. Either way, FreedomPop can help you out for cheap.


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