Class Dojo Is Using The Growth Mindset To Improve School Education

Class Dojo was launched back in 2011 and is based out of San Francisco. Their app is an learning platform focused on interactive communication for its users in order to help improve the overall quality of education and the environments around school. Since Class Dojo first launched, it has grown tremendously and is being used by two thirds of all schools in the United States each day. Class Dojo is available for use in 180 different countries around the world and their reach continues to grow daily.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are the individuals behind creating Class Dojo, and they made it in order to help change the community and environment around schools into a positive one. Most other educational apps or programs are expensive and difficult to start using, this is not the case for Class Dojo. That is because Sam and Liam knew what was out there before creating their innovative platform and wanted to make something everyone could use easily.

This learning tool allows for interactive communication between teachers, parents, and students within the school classroom. Parents as well as teachers are able to keep tabs on the progress of students while they are working in school. Instructors are also able to directly message parents to keep them informed of their child’s behavior or performance. Class Dojo has a special board that allows teachers to post videos and pictures showing off special classroom moments as well.

Since Sam and Liam first launched the app, there have been an abundance of positive reviews and feedback expressing the positive effects it has. There is no more need to schedule conferences around busy schedules or send notes home with students, because the app allows for constant communication between parent and instructor. Parents can also stay up to day with holidays and school events through the app to ensure they never miss an opportunity to get involved.

As technology continues to develop, especially for education and learning platforms, Class Dojo will continue to update its content and feature to better meet the needs of school communities. The founders have stated that as long as Class Dojo continues to earn success, they plan to expand their team and overall reach for the app.

Class Dojo, unlike many other companies, does not require and fees or personal information to participate in their program. They have even stated that as the company grows, they intend to keep the app free for use and use other sources of funding.


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