James Dondero Dives Back Into Argentinian Bonds

The Argentine government has begun to issue bonds on a new plan that will help to pay the country’s debts and start development. The development of the nation is very important as it tries to keep up with Brazil, and there are a lot of investors in America who plan to purchase Argentine debt. James Dondero runs Highland Capital Management out of Dallas, and he has invested in the Argentine economy in the past. He already has some bonds that will mature in the near future, and he will purchase more bonds that will mature a few years after that.

Anyone who is trying to invest like Dondero needs to remember that he is heavily investing in an economy that he is confident in. He does not make random investments for the sake of making them. He knows that the economy in Argentina is strong, and he knows that it will continue to get better while his bonds mature.

Everyone wants to be a superpower, but these countries have to raise money to reach their goals. Reaching their goals is much easier when their goals are paid for by investors, and the investors will be paid back on mature bonds long in the future. This is a very simple ways to manage debt, and it is an easy way to park money for the future.

The bond market in Argentina has been successful in helping the country improve, and they believe they can do well by trying more bonds. The bonds are purchasing directly from the government, and the dividends are paid at the maturity date a few years from the date of the purchase.

James is responsible for all his clients at Highland Capital Management, and he is looking for safe places to store money that will be profitable for his clients in the future. His clients are trusting him to make the right decisions at all times, and he will continue to make investment decisions like the one he has made in Argentina. Someone who wants to copy James Dondero would do quite well in the world markets, and copying him could lead to large profits.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-08/argentina-luring-highland-shows-distressed-bond-buyers-to-stay

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